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Fortnite Impossible Escape guide: Where to find helicopter parts, Huntmaster location and tips for how to win

Proceed to Dirty Docks for evacuation.

Squad up in the new limited-time survival mode Fortnite Impossible Escape, standing your ground as you look for helicopter parts to escape.

Fortnite's Impossible Escape is an LTM first introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, which sees scavenge parts and escape the island.

This involves a number of steps - from finding the Huntmaster to getting helicopter parts scattered around the map.

From there, it's all a matter of surviving against primal beasts and armed guards for a chance to repair the choppa and escape the island.

Completing this Fortnite mode will reward you with an exclusive umbrella and loading screen, but bear in mind you only have a limited amount of time before the event ends to do so.

This guide explains how Impossible Escape works, where to find the Huntmaster, how helicopter part locations work and tips to win this challenging activity.

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Impossible Escape LTM Trailer - Fortnite

How to play Impossible Escape in Fortnite

Before we begin, bear in mind that Impossible Escape can be accessed from the battle royale menu. In the game modes screen you will see two variants: PvE and PvP.

The biggest differences between the two comes down to whether or not you'd like to face other player squads in the match, and the number of helicopters available to repair (three in PvE, one in PvP).

We recommend trying out the non-hostile variant first to learn the ropes without random people getting in the way or taking you down early in a match.

The reward for winning Impossible Escape in PvE is The Impossible Odds loading screen. If you survive in PvP instead, you'll obtain The Escapist umbrella. As a limited time event mode, Impossible Escape is available until Tuesday, May 25th 2021.

How Impossible Escape in Fortnite works, and PvE vs PvP explained

The limited time mode Impossible Escape presents you with the premise of being stranded in a random location of the Fortnite map, separated from your squad and with no resources in your inventory.

Weapons and loot is scarce, and your task is quite different, too: you must find and gather four helicopter parts to repair the Choppa and emerge victorious, all the while other squads are also pursuing the same goal.

As if this didn't sound challenging enough, you begin with only a few vague clues about where those helicopter parts might be, and time isn't limitless.

Matches have a day / night cycle that will spawn packs of wolves and other enemies after dusk, who will be on your toes until dawn.

This survival aspect isn't entirely new to Fortnite, but it creates an interesting synergy thanks to the focus on the primal theme of the current chapter.

In addition, the fact that you're separated from your squad and have to reunite with them somehow is appealing, but being able to create new squads on the go is a great gameplay element to encourage (or discourage!) alliances.

How to find the Huntmaster location in Impossible Escape

The flow of Impossible Escape matches can vary greatly depending on your playstyle, but there is a rather straightforward path to follow that will save you tonnes of time.

For this, we're gonna have to search and talk to the Huntmaster, who will grant us a quest. Complete the request, and the helicopter part locations will appear on the map. Tempting, right?

Starting this has a fairly simple step. Regardless of where you appear on the map (starting locations are always randomised), the first thing you're going to do is to check where you stand, and look for the nearest gold binoculars icon. The icon represents a tower, which you can climb and use as a vantage point.

Climb the stairs, get to the peak, and the game will let you know that a new location has been discovered on the map.

You will see a gold dialogue bubble, usually not that far away from the tower: that's where the Huntmaster is located. Use the jump pad at the top of the mountain to start heading towards the NPC's direction.

You might notice these towers are usually found in guardians' locations, but don't worry since you won't encounter them in this mode.

How to find helicopter part locations in Fortnite

Finding helicopter part locations is the main task in Fortnite's Impossible Escape, and the Huntmaster will provide that information in exchange of a certain item.

After you've found the NPC, talk to the Huntmaster to find Choppa parts will appear as an objective. Talk to them and select the 'I woke up stranded here. Do you know a way off the island?' option in the radial menu (it's the gold helicopter icon).

Your new task is to find a raptor claw and bring it back to the Huntmaster.

This may sound like a broad objective since raptors are scattered all across the map but aren't exactly a common occurrence.

Luckily, you'll see a location marked on your map with a gold raptor claw icon. Make sure to prepare yourself since you will likely find them in groups, and they pack a punch (or claw, rather).

Not every raptor will drop a claw, but you won't have a big trouble finding it. In our experience, it usually took us two or three raptors to find the item. Once you have it, head all the way back to the Huntmaster to complete the quest.

How to escape and win Impossible Escape

Whether you have followed our steps to find the Huntmaster and bring them a raptor claw, or just stumbled upon the helicopter parts on your own during your travels, the next objective is the same.

You have to bring all four parts to the nearest Choppa in the map (signalised by a light blue icon), install them, and make your escape. Remember that if you're in PvE mode there will be three helicopters, but only one if you're playing PvP.

A reference of how helicopter parts are shown on the map - bear in mind they're always randomised!

The problem comes down with the guards protecting both the helicopter parts and the Choppas themselves. They're always heavily armed and are quite good at aiming, so they will put up a fight. We advise to not approach them on your own unless you are extremely well equipped for it.

Grabbing a helicopter part will take three slots of your inventory. While it's great to still be able to juggle between the item and other equipment, it's important to bear this in mind if you're on a rush and the helicopter part happens to replace a powerful weapon when grabbed.

Installing the parts on the helicopter only takes a brief moment for each. Once it's done, you and your squad can hop on and finally escape... or so we thought.

There is a last step that requires you to fuel up the tank of the helicopter. It's likely that it will have a reserve so you can head towards the nearest gas station, but keep in mind that there might be enemy NPCs waiting on the location.

Once the tank is finally fuelled, all you have to do is fly the helicopter to the designated escape point on the map. Congrats on your escape royale victory!

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Tips to survive during Impossible Escape in Fortnite

Impossible Escape is a very particular mode in terms of dynamic and preparation, which is why we have gathered a list of quick tips to increase your chances of survival:

  • Whenever you see a message saying 'player position revealed on the map' this means another player has used a flare to reveal their location to everyone else. This will stay on the map for a couple seconds, so it's always worth checking if you're looking for a squad partner.
  • If you're the one who finds the flare instead, all you have to do is aim at the sky and shoot - it only carries one bullet, so use it wisely.
  • Matches will give you around 31 minutes to look for helicopter parts before the storm starts closing in. In case you were wondering, no, the storm won't stop closing in until the last squad either escapes or gets trapped in it!
  • To invite other players to your squad, all you have to do is use a high five emote, which will be selected by default when you press the emote button. The other play can then accept by repeating the action, and they'll be automatically added to your squad.
  • If the player that joins your squad was already part of a bigger group, they will all join yours.
  • Keep in mind that people can abandon your squad at any point for whatever reason, so be wary of this (especially in PvP!).
  • Loot is not only scarce, but it's also quite unique to Impossible Escape, meaning that instead of finding an array of weapons, healing items and the like, you will stumble upon many launch pads, gliders and so on. We recommend to use them as much as possible to get around the map, especially during dusk to either escape or push enemies away from you.
  • Finding a car will make your life much easier, so keep an eye for one. That being said, guards can appear in unexpected locations, and they won't hesitate to shoot and, therefore, damage the car up to the point of explosion.
  • Wildlife can be tamed in this mode, despite being one of the starring enemies, but we recommend having a Hunter's Cloak before attempting so, particularly during dusk when they will be chasing you.
  • If you happen to find raptors before accepting the quest from the Huntmaster, you will still obtain a raptor claw in advance, saving up time.
  • On a similar note, if you find a gas canister, make sure that at least one member of your squad holds on to it for the last phase of the match.
  • Always make sure to break objects with your pickaxe whenever possible you're walking from point A to B, so you can create stairs for easy escapes at night (remember that wolves can't climb!) or build walls around you to repel the shootout from guards.
  • Shield is harder to come by in this mode, but remember the natural sources for it: slurp barrels, mushrooms and taking a bath in the Slurpy Swamp, of course.

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