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Fall Guys testing major new game mode

As Astro Bot joins the party.

Fall Guys has rolled out a new game mode, Sweet Thieves, which is available via a limited test now.

The offering, detailed in a new trailer below, has shades of Capture the Flag. One team must sneak in and steal candy pieces from the other team's base - but there's a stealth element at play also.

If a thief (who is invisible) gets grabbed, they are sent into a jail area. Thieves can then choose to devote time to unlocking the jail, at the expense of going after more candy.

Sweet Thieves is live in Fall Guys now on PC and PlayStation, until this test finishes on 13th March.

Speaking of PlayStation, Fall Guys also this week added the console's dinky robot mascot Astro as a skin. Here he is:

Away from PlayStation, despite the recent addition of cross-play, there's still no word on those long-awaited Nintendo Switch and Xbox releases.

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