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Fall Guys' Sonic the Hedgehog event starts this week according to latest leak

UPDATE: Event now underway.

UPDATE 11/8/22: After a whole lot of leakage, Fall Guys' Sonic the Hedgehog event - first teased back in June - is now live on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

There's a new trailer to celebrate Sonic's arrival in developer Mediatonic's knockabout battle royale game, but there's not a lot in there that previous leaks haven't already revealed.

To recap, though, Fall Guys' Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration brings a new set of challenges and associated rewards (including a "fancy and sassy" emote), a new stage inspired by Green Hill Zone, plus five themed skins - based on Sonic, Super Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik - found in the premium store.

Fall Guys' Sonic event runs from today, 11th August, to Monday, 15th August.

Fall Guys - Sonic's Adventure Event Trailer.

ORIGINAL STORY 8/8/22: Fall Guys' latest Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration begins later this week according to a new leak, with Dr Robotnik and Super Sonic outfits also on the way.

A new Sonic/Fall Guys collaboration was, of course, officially announced during June's Sonic Central livestream. However, all Sega was saying at the time was that the game's previously released Sonic and Knuckles skins would be returning this August alongside a new addition - Tails - as part of the hedgehog's 30th Anniversreay celbrations.

Since then, data miners have discovered Fall Guys developer Mediatonic and Sega might have something a little more substantial planned than mere skins, with a special Green Hill Zone inspired stage having recently been discovered squirrelled away in the files.

While neither Mediatonic or Sega have discussed the event beyond the initial skins announcement, data miner FGPancake - who was responsoble for uncovering the new stage - has continued to dig, with all signs now pointing to the event launching this Thursday, 11th August and running until 15th August.

The event will apparently feature 10 special challenges that can be completed to unlock 600 Kudos, a Sonic nameplate, a Sonic pattern, and Sonic Shoes cosmetic. The skins, meawhile, are seemingly being reserved for the premium in-game store.

Fall Guys - Free for All Gameplay Trailer.

And speaking of skins, FGPancake has uncovered evidence of several previously unannounced Sonic-themed cosmetics, including a You're Too Slow emote, a Super Sonic skin, and a skin based on Dr. Eggman.

None of this is official as yet, but if that 11th August start date is true, expect Mediatonic to be doing a proper reveal very soon.

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