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Elden Ring's first major boss defeated by 70% of players

Margit felled.

Around 70 percent of Elden Ring players have defeated the game's first major boss.

That's Margit, the Fell Omen, encountered at the entrance to Stormveil Castle.

According to the game's achievements page on Steam, 70.7 percent of players have defeated the boss. It's the game's second most acquired achievement, following access to the Roundtable Hold (78.1 percent).

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A further 61.3 percent of players have then gone on to defeat Shardbearer Godrick, the next major boss.

Over on PlayStation it's a similar story. There 68 percent of players have defeated Margit, while 57.6 percent have defeated Godrick.

It might be slightly less on PlayStation but considering the huge sales and concurrent player numbers on all platforms, that's a huge number of players sticking with what many may have considered a niche game ahead of launch.

Over on Xbox, achievement percentage isn't tracked publicly. However, according to True Achievements, none of the aforementioned achievements/trophies have Rare status on Xbox (meaning they've been acquired by under 10 percent of players). Acquired achievement percentages are likely similar to other platforms.

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