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Elden Ring spoilers are now out in the wild

Tarnishing the Tarnished.

This is your public service announcement: new, unauthorised, Elden Ring footage and various screenshots have made their way out into the wild, and as such there are spoilers out there.

Several of these screenshots have been uploaded to reddit (don't worry, we won't be sharing any in the text of this story), and they show off a new area not seen before.

Additionally, by simply typing in 'Elden Ring' into YouTube's search bar, one of the first videos that comes up is that of the opening cinematic. There were also reports of extended gameplay being shown online, however these videos appear to have been taken down by Bandai Namco already.

Many players got to give Elden Ring a whirl during its network tests, which were held towards the end of 2021. Then, several outlets (Eurogamer included) got to have some more hands-on time with Elden Ring, but this was limited to the first six hours only.

For those who want to see how Aoife got in the Lands Between during her six-hour preview, including which build she chose, where she explored and the (perhaps unexpected) beasts she came across, you can find out more here.

Thankfully, there is not too much longer to wait until Elden Ring will be available for all. However, until that time, if you are keen to avoid any spoilers and want to start the game with no idea of who, or what, you may find around the corner, now is the time to put on your blinkers.

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