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Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough and game guide

Eurogamer's guide to all of the main story quests, side-quests, collectible items, party members and boss fights in the latest Dragon Age game.

Dragon Age Inquisition is out in Europe today - with a UK release to follow tomorrow - and the critical consensus is that things are looking pretty good for fans of the franchise, whether you were more taken with the original adventure, or the somewhat divisive sequel.

We're beginning our walkthrough with a guide to making it all the way through from the start to the finish of the main story. After that we'll be getting stuck into a second playthrough, so that we can bring you a comprehensive guide to all of the side-quests that are generously sprinkled throughout the game.

We'll also add a few general guides to help you get the most out of the game, but to get you up to speed straight away, we've also put together a few handy tips a little further on down this page.

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Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough

Dragon Age Inquisition - The Wrath of Heaven, Forward Camp, Pride Demon, Elfroot
Our walkthrough begins with a quick guide to the opening section and your first boss fight.

Dragon Age Inquisition - The Threat Remains, Corporate Vale, Hinterlands, Val Royeaux
Exploring the next section of the game, and gathering up lots of goodies along the way.

Dragon Age Inquisition - The Captain of the Chargers, Alexius, Iron Bull, Fiona, Vivienne
How to find Alexius' throne room and bring down this intimidating boss.

Dragon Age Inquisition - In Your Heart Shall Burn, trebuchets, Skyhold, Cole, Blackwell
Activating the trebuchets, helping out Seggrit and making your way to Skyhold.

Dragon Age Inquisition - From the Ashes, Highwayman Chief, Still Waters, Naturalist
Surviving this shorter section and taking down the tricky Highwayman Chief.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Crestwood, Flooded Caves, Western Approach, Forgotten Mine
Our guide to making it through the caves and mines in the next region of the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Aspect of the Nightmare, Here Lies the Abyss, mirrors, Divine, code
How to make it to the fight with the Aspect of the Nightmare in one piece.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Grand Duchess, Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, Halla Statues
We'll show you how to keep things cagey as you head to the fight with the Grand Duchess.

Dragon Age Inquisition - What Pride Had Wrought, Samson, floor puzzles, Temple of Mythal
How to survive those tricky floor puzzles and finish the fight with the mighty Samson.

Dragon Age Inquisition - The Final Piece, Doom Upon All the World, Corypheus, dragon
Our guide to Inquisition's final epic boss fight.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Mage, builds, skills, abilities, offensive, defensive, utility
Everything you need to know about Inquisition's Mage characters from skills to builds.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Rogue, ranged, stealth, melee, skill builds
An essential overview of the Rogue archetype's essential skills and playstyles.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Warrior, Barbarian, Paladin, tank, shield
Our guide to the two very different types of Warrior in the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition - cheats, console commands, infinite gold
All the know cheats and console commands for the game, including infinite gold!

Power level system

Many of the quests in the game require a currency known as power level points. You'll need to acquire a certain number of them before being able to further the main story, and side-quests are a great source of this currency. If you're finding it difficult to take your quest forward, have a look around your current region and see if anyone needs some help.

Upgrading weapons and armour

When it comes to upgrading your armour and your weapons, you can customise them with things like grips to give an extra boost to your combat stats. When you get a new piece of equipment, make sure you remove these added extras before selling your old stuff to a merchant. Note, however, that runes are permanent, and once you've placed one onto a piece of kit you can't remove it.

Managing your inventory

If you've run out of bag space, you can still pick up more of something you already have if the item stacks. Note that to do this, you can't just hit the Take All button. Instead, you'll have to manually go through the items, adding those that can be stacked onto your existing pile. When it comes to things like potions, note that your entire party draws from the same overall stash.

Developing relationships

When you're not getting stuck into a quest, you'll be able to develop your relationships with the characters of the game when you're back at camp. Watch out for the visual clues that appear on screen with your dialogue options, so you cultivate the relationship you want with an NPC or a team member.