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Dragon Age Inquisition - Crestwood, Flooded Caves, Western Approach, Forgotten Mine

Our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough continues with a quick guide to surviving the Flooded Caves and the Forgotten Mine of the next region.

Once you've finished fighting the Highwayman Chief, head to the next waypoint marker for Still Waters. It should be just a bit further ahead of where you are now. When you get to the waypoint, open the door and then go down the hall on your right. Finally, go up the stairs when you come to them, then go through the next door along.

Once you're outside, carry on down the path until you come to the Old Crestwood sign. Take a left at the junction and go into the inn when you reach it. Talk to the villager, loot anything lying around upstairs, then go into the next room on the first floor and walk through the door. Once inside, push the wheel to start a cut-scene.

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Find an entrance to the flooded caves

Leave the inn, then go back to that sign and head off towards the north. You can choose to fast travel to the northern camp if you wish, but you'll miss out on some loot and XP opportunities by doing so. Instead, kill the enemies that attack as you make your way to camp, then veer off to the left when you see a rift. Seal it to gain a couple of handy power levels.

Once the rift's closed, grab all the loot around it and carry on to the north. Kill the enemies and look out for a landmark location on your left. Collect it, go inside the shack to the rear to get your hands on more loot, then carry on north until you come to the astrarium.

To complete it, simple begin at the left-middle position in the central triangle formation and go down, then circle to the upper point of the central triangle. Now map the outer triangle to the left, and loop back around to the top point of the middle triangle. Now map the outer triangle to the right to finish things up.

Keep heading on towards the next Still Waters checkpoint. When you come to Old Crestwood, go north towards the Flooded Caves. Once you've entered them, walk along the path in front of you, lighting up the nearby torches as you walk. At the waterfall, take the left-hand path by the torch to get more loot. You can then circle around the right-hand path to get a chest, but just be aware that activating the torch by the chest will trigger an ambush.

Go all the way back around, or just jump down to the central section, then take the path to the lower part of the cave. Carry on to the right when the path branches and kill the pack of enemies waiting up ahead. Loot everything, then go down the right passageway towards the end of the room, rather than heading to the left.

Grab the chest at the end of this walkway, then look at the item on the floor. Now go back to the main room and take the path towards the lower section of the caves. Kill the enemies as you head deeper into the complex. Eventually you'll come to a room on your left with torches either side of the door. First though, go into the other room on the right and look left to see a slightly hidden passage. Go to the end of this section to where the mosaic section is, then leave and head back towards the door with the two torches.

Use a Warrior to smash up the section of wall on your right, then take the crafting bits and bobs and go down the ladder. Pick up every scrap of loot and crafting gear while you're down here. Next, go inside that room with the torches and head towards the rift.

You'll be ambushed by three sets of enemies before you can close down this rift, but you can disrupt it during the fight to blunt your opponents' attacks. These fight shouldn't cause you too many headaches, but it always pays to make use of your Mage's defensive spells whenever possible. Once the rift's been sealed, grab the loot (including the chest on the other side of the room), then go through the door to the north-east. Go over the water, then head upstairs and climb the ladder. Finally, go up the stairs on your left.

Grab all the loot you can find up here, then interact with the lever further ahead. Go into the new room, take all the loot, then follow the path out of the cave. When you get outside you'll see another rift. Kill the enemies and seal the rift, then go west. After a while, you'll be able to head south again towards Crestwood Village. Go to the new Still Waters objective marker, enter the mayor's house, then read the letter to wrap things up.

Meet Hawke's Warden ally in Crestwood

Get out of the village and make your way south until you have the chance to go east. As you make your way along you'll pass a camp, so make sure you top up all of your supplies and register a fast travel point while you're there. From the camp, just go a bit to the south-east before heading north again. When you get near the marker you'll come to a cave. Go inside it, talk to Hawke, then go up to the next door. Examine the banner on your right, then go through the door to start a new cut-scene.

Return to Skyhold and scout the Western Approach

You'll need a power level of eight to access the next quest, so hang around in Crestwood if you need to do a couple of side-quests to get there. Once you're ready, use fast travel to get back to Skyhold, then head to the war room and choose Orlais. Now pick "Investigate the Western Approach" to go to a new area.

Meet Hawke and Stroud in the Western Approach

Talk to the Requisition Officer, then look at the Venatori message on the nearby table. Your next objective is in the south-west of this region, but for now go south to shut a rift that's close to the campsite.

After the rift, go south, then examine the cages to get a label. Enter the mine to the north, loot everything inside it, then leave and head over to the second mine entrance on your right. Choose a Mage character, then energise the wood ahead of the entrance to create an entrance ramp. Go up it, take the loot at the top, then enter the Forgotten Mine to finish the Venatori side-quest. Kill the spiders in the first room, then grab all the loot lying around.

Go down the passage on your left, but be ready for hyena ambushes as you travel. Go through the cave, then head west when you leave it. Deal with any spiders that attack, then look at the sign when you come to the exclamation marker on your map to begin the On The Chantry Tail side-quest.

Keep heading along the south-west path towards the next marker for your main quest. Close the rifts you encounter along the way, and make sure you claim the landmark too. Once you reach the quest waypoint you'll get a new cut-scene to watch.

As soon as this cinematic ends, you'll have to deal with a pack of enemies. It's not a tricky fight at all, and once it's finished you simply need to grab all the nearby loot, claim the landmark at the entrance, then head back to the Skyhold war room.

You can find the rest of our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough from the first page of this article.


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