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Dragon Age Inquisition - The Final Piece, Doom Upon All the World, Corypheus, dragon

Our complete walkthrough for Dragon Age Inquisition concludes with a guide to beating both of the bosses in the game's grand finale.

Once in Skyhold, make your way into the gardens and talk to Morrigan to start a cut-scene. When you're ready to get stuck into the final section of the game, open up your Quest Map, look at the World Map, then pick the Altar of Mythal. Walk along the south-eastern path to get to the altar.

When you get there, interact with it to start a new cut-scene. When it's finished, make sure you loot the box that's by the altar, then head back the way you came to get back to Skyfall.

Doom Upon All The World

Go to the war room when you reach Skyfall. Select the Ferelden part of the map, then Doom Upon All the World to start a cut-scene. When it ends, you'll start the final boss fight of the game.

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Corypheus and Red Lyrium Dragon


  • HP: 108,101
  • Perceptive
  • Immune to all disabling effects

Red Lyrium Dragon

  • HP: 190,279
  • Perceptive
  • Immune to all disabling effects
  • Slowed

In an ideal world you'll bring three Mages to this fight for their defensive barrier spells. A warrior with a sword, shield and plenty of taunts will also make life much, much easier.

There are a few phases to the fight with Corypheus. In the first phase he'll hit extremely hard and be immune to pretty much everything. Your ranged attackers will be much more effective at chipping away at his health bar, as he moves around the arena a fair bit.

Try to keep barrier spells up at all times, but if your team are spread out a lot, try to focus on protecting your ranged fighting force - your warrior should have plenty of his own defences. Pop potions whenever you need to as well, as you'll have the chance to top up your supplies later on in the fight.

After a while, Corypheus will head upstairs. Follow the boss until you reach a new objective marker on your map, and make sure you grab the supplies on the way. At the top, fight the boss again until he reaches 50 per cent health, at which point a new cut-scene will begin.

When both dragons have fallen to the ground you'll need to get stuck into the Red Lyrium Dragon. Fortunately, this creature will start the fight at 50 per cent health. Again, keep those defensive barrier spells coming, and try to fire shots off at the opponent's legs to keep it slowed. Make sure also that your ranged attackers stay well away from the creature's claws. Prioritise keeping your melee fighters alive with potions and spells.

This boss should focus most of its attention on your Warrior with a long dragon's breath attack. Keep behind the enemy when this occurs to avoid the worst of the damage, and get a barrier spell on the Warrior as soon as possible. The main challenge in this part of the fight is to maintain your concentration as it's a lengthy battle.

When the dragon is close to death you'll trigger a new cut-scene where you finish the beast off. When it's dead, go upstairs again and top up all of your potions again. Before grabbing the new ones, make sure you burn through as many of your current supply as you need to to bring everyone back to full health.

Corypheus is once again waiting for you at the top of the stairs. His health is the same as when you left it, but you'll find he teleports around the battle zone much more frequently this time. As a result, melee fighters will be in for a tough time, so try to make sure your ranged attackers are working efficiently at all times.

You'll also have to deal with a projectile attack which strikes all party members. Keep barriers up for as much of the fight as possible, and make sure your Warrior is aggressively taunting the beast. Keep your party alive and it won't be too long until the dragon falls. When the cut-scene finishes, speak to your team members, then go to the quarters through the door in the north-east part of this hall.

This concludes the core walkthrough for Dragon Age Inquisition!

You can find the rest of our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough from the first page of this article.


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