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Dragon Age Inquisition - What Pride Had Wrought, Samson, floor puzzles, Temple of Mythal

Our guide to surviving the Temple of Mythal, solving all of those tricky floor puzzles, then finishing the fight against the mighty Samson.

You'll need to have a power level of 40 to be able to start this mission. Once you're ready, go to the war room to start a new cut-scene, and accept Lady Morrigan's offer of help. Once the cut-scene finishes, go back to the war room again and select the Orlais section of the map, then What Pride Had Wrought.

Reach the blockades

When the cut-scenes have finished, go along the path towards the south. As it curves to the east you'll reach a pack of enemies, but there are also plenty of Inquisition soldiers around who'll fight you in battle. When you get to the waterfall, keep heading north until you're able to go east once again.

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Move carefully ahead once you reach the enemy campsite, as the next pack of enemies you face will be much tougher than those you've dealt with so far. They can hit very hard indeed, and are capable of wiping your party out fast. For this reason, it's essential that your Mages keep defensive barriers up at all times, and that your group focuses on the Sentinel Shadow first. When you've killed the lot of them, grab all the loot from the camp, then carry on down the path north, then east.

You'll have to deal with enemies known as Red Templar Behemoths in this next section. These opponents are very resistant to fire damage, but suffer a great deal to cold spells. Kill them accordingly, then take the path to the north.

When you reach the next waypoint, find the path that heads east, kill the enemies you encounter, then take all the loot from the structure at the end of it. Make your way back to the central path at the river, then just keep heading north until you arrive at the temple gates.

Enter the Temple of Mythal

Top up your supplies, then grab the loot from just outside the entrance to the temple. Went you go inside you'll start a new cut-scene, after which you just need to keep walking down the path as you work your way further into the complex.

When you come to the top of the stairs you'll see a number of corpses on the floor. Investigate them to get a boost to your supplies, then explore the east and west sections of this upper floor to get hold of loads more loot. When you've hoovered everything up, try to open the door that leads south. Next, go north towards the central altar to start a new cut-scene.

Complete the ritual to open the door

There's a pretty simple puzzle to solve if you want to get that door open - simply avoid stepping on the same stone twice. There are two sets of stones involved - a series that circle the altar, and another row just north of it.

From the south side, just work your way east and around to the north side, stopping on the stone that rests in the north-east corner. Next, take an S-shaped route through the course: west, south, west, north, west, south. Carry on all the way around to finish off your route and finish this puzzle.

Go back upstairs and then go through the door you've just opened. Walk along the next corridor and go through the next door along to start yet another cut-scene. Right after it ends you'll be attacked by a pack of enemies, so keep your party close together so your magical fighters can keep a defensive barrier up. Use any area-of-effect abilities to finish these foes off in short order.

Defeat Samson's Minions

Go into the room to the south-east to find another one of those puzzles - this one's a bit trickier though, as you have to do more than simply move around in a circle. We'll try to explain the solution as simply as possible.

Beginning with the stairs west of the platform, go east across the first two tiles on your right. Keep following the path around, and stick to the south as you get near the opening near the middle of the platform. When you get to the end of the most southern line of stones, go one stone north, then one to the west, and then one to the north once more.

Go onto the gold stones to the east, then grab the lever. This will lower the gates further ahead, but shut the ones behind you. This will let you reach the far eastern section of the platform. Stand on the first unlit stone to the south, then go one stone east, which should be the end of the line before you have to turn.

Turn around to face south, move one stone forward, then go east as far as possible. At the end, go one stone north, then snake around the other stones like you did before. This should leave you at the north-east section of the platform, with just stones left to the west.

Go all along this direction, then go south one stone, then one stone west. Step on the gold stones just south of where you are right now, then grab the lever again. This will reopen the gates that you shut a few moments ago.

You should be able to see unlit stones around you - one north, one west, and one north-west of where you are. Get on the one to the west, then go north, then east. Go one stone north, then as far west as possible before finishing the circle all the way around. Phew.

Go back to the main chamber, then go downstairs and into the room in the north-east corner. Walk up the stairs that are west of the central platform, and get ready - we're sorry to say - for another one of those puzzles. Deep breath...

Beginning with the southern-most stone - on the right - go south a single stone. Keep going east now as far as possible, then snake around the next stones. Go as far west as possible, then go south a single stone, two stones east, another south, and then one east.

Return to the main chamber, then enter the west room. Now head up the stairs for one last puzzle. Starting with the left-hand stone on the southern row, go two stones south, one west, two north, one west, one north, two east, two north, one west, then one south. Still with us? Good.

You should now be by the stairs on the east side. Go up them, then get on the stone to the north. Go three stones west, then one south, then two east, three south, two west, one south and then two west. Next, jump over onto the gold stones, then onto the stairs to the south-east. Turn west and begin on the northern stone to the right. Go two west, one south, two east, three south, two west, one south, and then two east. Nearly there.

At this point, you should be by the stairs, on the south side of the platform. Walk down them towards the final - we promise - collection of stones. Begin on the southern stone to the right, then go two north, one west, one north, one east, two north, one east, then five south to finish the last puzzle. Hooray!

Grab all the nearby loot if you can be bothered, then return to the main chamber and walk through the door to begin another a cut-scene. We chose to team up with the Sentinels for the purposes of this walkthrough. Leave via the eastern door and keep following the Sentinel, grabbing any loot you find along the way. You can either get stuck into the fights as you pass them, or just keep trailing the Sentinel to safety.

When your new friend stops, pick up all the loot, then walk through the door to the east. Kill the enemies waiting on the other side, then keep heading through the next two doors to your south. Make sure you grab the supplies from the Sentinel on the floor up ahead, then go downstairs to start a new cut-scene, followed by a new boss fight.

Samson guide

  • HP: 46,488
  • Perceptive
  • Immune to Frozen, Paralyzed, Physical Effects, Slowed, Panicked

Despite this boss' immunities and high health bar, it's not actually too tricky to finish this fight. Just watch out for the enemies that assist Samson in battle, and prioritise taking them out while your Mages cast defensive spells. Each one of his assistants can hit your party members extremely hard if they're not provided with any bonus protection. The boss will often stun every member of your party as well, so if you don't clear out the trash when this happens, your team will be stuck taking a lot of damage.

Whenever Samson's on his own, turn your team's attention back towards him. Try to keep one melee fighting soaking up the bulk of Samson's attacks, while keeping the rest of your team spread out nicely. At this point, Mages should concentrate on keeping the Warrior alive above all other party members.

You'll continue being stunned throughout the fight, but as long as you take out his assistants quickly you should be fine. When the post-fight cut-scene finishes, you'll need to make a decision before being whisked back to Skyhold.

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