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Dragon Age Inquisition - The Captain of the Chargers, Alexius, Iron Bull, Fiona, Vivienne

We've got an essential guide to finding the throne room of the mighty Alexius, then finishing the boss fight off without so much as a scratch.

Leave the building and talk to Krem who's waiting just outside. You'll need a power level of four to progress further into the story, so if you're not there quite yet, make your way back to Val Royeaux, the Imperial Enchanter or the Hinterlands to get some side-quests. When you're ready, get back to the war table and choose the Ferelden region to scout out the Storm Coast.

Adding Iron Bull to your party

When the cut-scene finishes, talk to the Requisition Officer to get a report. Kill all of the enemies to start a cut-scene. If you select to hire this lot, a warrior call Iron Bull will become a member of your party.

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Keep heading towards your objective marker. When you get close, the map will start getting dark, so make sure you reference the main menu map to make sure you're still on the right path. You'll encounter bandits as you travel, so kill them all and then loot the structure they're protecting.

Kill the guards waiting outside Hessarian Camp, then enter it and pick off any remaining enemies. Have a good rummage around this area for more loot, after which you can either polish off some side quests, or ping over to Ghislain Estate to carry on the core story./p>

Adding Vivienne to your party

Once at the estate you'll have to watch another cut-scene. We chose to let the mages in, which gave us access to Vivienne. After you've returned to Haven, use fast travel to get to the Hinterlands and then make your way north towards Redcliffe. When you get near you'll find another rift - close it and then go inside Redcliffe.

Make your way towards the exclamation mark on your map, then talk to the Hinterlands Healer. Carry on towards your main waypoint until you get to the Gull and Lantern. Work through all of the dialogue options, then carry on towards the next marker. You'll find Felix in the Redcliffe Village Chantry.

When you walk inside the hall you'll trigger a new cut-scene. Grab the loot when you're done chatting, then have a look at the book that's over in one of the corners. Leave the chantry, then go back to the Haven War Room - assuming you now have a power level of 15. If you need to level up a bit more, take part in some side-quests until you're ready.

At this point you need to choose whether to ally yourself with the mages and go down the In Hushed Whispers route, or buddy up with the Templars with Champions of the Just. In this walkthrough, we chose to join the mages. Get your party together - which must include Dorian - and then get ready to set out.

When the cut-scene ends, kill the pair of soldiers, then grab all of the nearby loot - make sure you grab the prison key too. Walk through the gate that's over on the other side of this area, then go upstairs and head through the door. Carry on up the next lot of stairs over on your right, then go through the next door you come to.

Keep travelling down the hall and then look in the cell to your left to get your hands on even more loot. Carry on into the next room along, then take the door on your left. Grab all of the nearby loot, then talk to the prisoner. Carry on down the corridor and take another load of loot from the cell that's over on your far left. Finally, go upstairs and through the door.

Kill the pair of soldiers up here, then go through the door on your left and head downstairs until you find Fiona in the last cell on your left. Go back through the door and then up the stairs on your right. Take the next staircase, then go through the door. Go downstairs, then enter the room on your right. Grab the loot and speak with Iron Bull.

Now that Iron Bull's joined your party once more, go back out and into the last room you were in, then go through the door on your right. Go downstairs then through the door to your left. Take the loot, then go through the opposite door. Take the loot near the door then speak to Cassandra.

Go back up the stairs you came down, go into the next room along, and then head up the next set of stairs on your right. Kill the soldiers here, then walk through the right-hand door they'd been guarding. Go up the next load of stairs you come to.

Take the loot here, then go through the left-hand door to get a journal and some extra loot. Now return to the main room and go up the stairs located over in the corner to the far left. Walk through the next door.

Pick up the loot on the other side, then go back into the previous room and head up the right-hand stairs. Walk through the door by the right-hand corner, kill the soldiers, then take all the loot. Go through the door and head straight on, before going through another door and triggering a cut-scene.

Finding Alexius' throne room

Take the item from the middle of this room, then leave and go across the hall and through the next door along. Go through the next door on your left and seal the rift you come to after killing the Shades. Interact with the gear on the other side of the room to open up the left-hand gate, then head upstairs.

Kill the Shades in the next room along, grab all the loot, and then top up your supplies. Walk up the next staircase and go through the door at the top. You'll be able to see two more rifts up ahead. Kill each pack of enemies one by one and close the rifts they're guarding.

Take the loot, then head upstairs and to the right. Explore the area until you come to another rift. Leave through the door you entered through, then go across the room and through the door on your left. Take the schematic, then go across the hall and into the next room to get more loot. Now go down the hall and take the left-hand door.

Kill the next two enemies, then smash the wall over on your right. Finish the next enemy you come to, grab the shard and the loot nearby, look at the journal on your left, then smash the next wall. Take the loot, then go back out in the hall and go through the final door.

Fight the next set of enemies, grab the loot and the shard, then go through the next door along and kill the rest of the enemies. Leave to the hall, head left and go through the opening. Now go downstairs and top up your supplies.

Walk through the door to get back to the main hall once more. Find the closed door, then go through the left-hand door as you face it. Carry on down the hallway, kill the next enemies you come to, pinch the loot and get the final shard needed to open the door. Open that closed to start another cut-scene that kicks off a fight with Alexius.

How to kill Alexius

  • HP: 20,971
  • Perceptive
  • Immune to all disabling effects

Melee fighters are in for quite a struggle with Alexius, as this boss has the ability to teleport all around the boss area. Don't bother trying to apply any disabling effects to your opponent - it's immune - but do make good use of your mages and other characters with ranged attacks.

As the fight wears on, Alexius will stop to cast spells which cause green patches to appear on the ground. Quickly move your party members out of these patches, and be aware that Alexius will also cast defensive barriers on itself. Expect this defensive boost to occur after every single teleport.

When you've taken enough health off the boss, Alexius will cause a rift to spawn in the middle of the battle area. Kill all of the enemies that emerge from this rift as fast as you can, and throw up plenty of barrier spells to keep your party safe while you're doing so. Just kill everything nice and quickly and get that rift sealed up.

Once the rift is shut down, you should just continue attacking Alexius. Try to grab the loot before you kill the creature though, as it vanishes immediately after the fight. When the post-fight cut-scene has finished, you'll be able to include Dorian as a permanent fixture in your party.

You can find all of our Dragon Age Inquisition hints and tips from the index page of our guide.


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