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Dragon Age Inquisition - From the Ashes, Highwayman Chief, Still Waters, Naturalist

Our essential Dragon Age Inquisition guide will show you how to make light work of the Highwayman Chief, and claim a new keep for the cause.

Make your way to the waypoint for From The Ashes, then talk to Varric to get another cut-scene started. Now go to the war room, access Ferelden, and choose Find the Warden to continue your journey to Crestwood. When the cut-scene finishes, go forwards and take the side-quests from the Inquisition Officer. Now travel south-east to reach your main waypoint.

From the Ashes

After the first fight, go and talk to the Grey Warden up ahead. Keep heading towards your mission waypoint, killing anyone who attacks you, and you'll eventually reach a new waypoint for the Still Waters side-quest. Kill the enemies who are battling the villagers, then walk through the main gate.

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Enter the first building on your left to get the Naturalist side-quest from Gauld. Now leave the building, go around the corner, then head upstairs to find the waypoint for the Still Waters quest you grabbed earlier.

Go into the next house along and talk to the mayor. Next, go away from the village towards the next objective marker for Still Waters. When you come to a fork, head left towards the higher ground until you reach a cave. Use the post just left of the entrance to claim this area, then go inside and stuff your pockets with loot.

When you're done, leave the cave and keep heading towards that Still Waters marker. When you get to the keep before the waypoint, beat up the gate to bring it crashing down, then kill the enemies waiting for you on the other side.

Go upstairs then into the next hallway. Kill the enemies in the courtyard just ahead of you, then go up the next set of stairs and around the left-hand corner. Walk through the door at the very end of this section, then walk through the next door that's just a little further along.

Walk to the other side of this area and go through the right-hand doorway. Top your supplies up using the supply crate in the next room, then make your way upstairs. Fight the enemies waiting for you at the top, and be ready for an ambush when you enter the next area.

Tactics for the Highwayman Chief

The first set of enemies that attack you are pretty weak, but the second fight presents a much stiffer challenge. Watch out for the Highwayman Chief as he's tough enough to be classed as a boss. He's immune to any physical effects, but is very vulnerable to electrical attacks. Get your mage to throw as much lightning damage as possible at this enemy whenever your barrier spells are on cooldown.

When your opponent is dead, carry on into the next area along where the mission waypoint is. Plant the Inquisition flag in the flag pole to take the keep and grant your allies another base.

You can find the rest of our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough from the first page of this article.


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