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Dragon Age Inquisition - The Threat Remains, Corporate Vale, Hinterlands, Val Royeaux

Our Inquisition walkthrough continues with a guide to reaching Haven's Chantry, catching up with Corporate Vale, and clearing out the campsites.

When you've finished fighting the Pride Demon, talk to the boy nearby. Grab the loot from the ground, then take a look through the journal that's on the desk over in the corner. Next, walkthrough the door and take a left straight away to pick up the loot and the pair of Elfroot plants. Once you've picked them up, walk along the path and then go up the stairs on your left. Grab all the loot that's lying around up here, and read the sign to the left of the stairs when you reach the top.

From your current location, take a right until you come to some more loot, with a sign up ahead and to your left. Go all the way around to the left and rummage around in the chest you come to before the main building. Go up the stairs and take the loot, then head to the left-hand corner as you face the town. You'll be able to get some more loot from around here, and also find a note in the hut to your left.

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Once you've gathered everything up, make your way towards the main building, then take a left as soon as you enter it to get more loot and a new note. Next, go straight across to get another note, as well as loot on the far left-hand side.

Go through the doors that's on the left-hand side of this hall, and go downstairs. Now take a right and pick up all the items, loot and notes inside. Further down the hallway is a cell, but you'll need a Rogue to get it open. If that option's not available to you right now, make a mental note of this location for later.

Once you've taken everything you can from this area, go back to the main hall and then look for a pair of doors at the far end. Inside each one is a book. Pick them both up and be aware of the spot where you can turn in research. When you're done with both rooms, walk through the door at the very end of the hall. This will start a new cut-scene.

Report to Haven's Chantry

Talk to Threnn, Varric and Solas in town. To Solas' left is another bit of loot, and the nearby building also contains a note and a chest. Hoover up all of these items and then speak to Adan. Next, go into the other building nearby and take the book from the bed.

Go downstairs towards Seggrit's shop, and pick up all the books, notes and loot left lying around the place. Once you're done, make your way towards the map marker, then open the building door and go inside to start a new cut-scene. This next section introduces you to the War Table - just follow the instructions to start a scouting session in the Ferelden zone. Next, head to the Hinterlands to get another cut-scene going.

Clear the threats

As you work through the next section, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any Elfroot as it's scattered around all over the place. First of all though, talk to the requisitioning officer at the bottom of the hill that's just right of the campsite. After she reports, jump down the hill straight on from the site, then once again until you see a chest on your left.

Next, take a right to pick up the iron from the rocks over on your right-hand side. Now head left from this position to get another chest that's just up the hill, along with some other items a little further on. Keep heading forwards, picking up all the items, then turn around until you're back where you grabbed the fist bit of iron. Go down the path, but be ready for an ambush from Templars. Kill them to start another cinematic.

Corporal Vale and the Hinterlands

When it's over, either pick up the local side-quests or jump straight to the next waypoint. If you choose to hang around, explore the local area, grab all of the loot that's lying around, then head back to the main path and keep following it along in a north-westerly direction.

Eventually you'll come to a cave. Loot the chest that's over on your right as you enter it, and make sure you investigate the second chest a little further along. When you leave the cave, a pack of Templars will attack the village up ahead. Kill them all, grab all the loot as you go, then seal the rift to the north-west of the village. As you play in this area, you'll find plenty more Templars, rifts and side-quests.

When you're ready to get stuck into the main story again, head toward the marker on your map and talk to Corporal Vale. This will move your quest on into the next part of the story.

Heading to Val Royeaux

Open up your quest and mark the possible campsites. You'll need to have raised your power level to four before you can carry on with this bit of the story, and grabbing a couple of sites is a very good way to do this. As soon as you've marked your targets they'll appear as your primary objective.

Make your way towards the nearest site and kill the Templars. Be very wary of the rifts in this area, as they'll likely wipe out your party if you attempt to close them. Just stick to getting those campsites in order and you'll level up nice and fast.

When you've levelled up, open up your quest and look at the world map. Zip back to Haven then go inside the war room. Choose the Orlais region to view the Val Royeaux option. Select it, watch the cut-scene that starts, then confirm the operation to get another cinematic rolling.

Look at the signs to your left and right to get a little more XP, then go down the path until you come to another set of signs. Carry on into the square up ahead until a new cut-scene is triggered.

Make your way back to Haven and then enter the war room once more. If you want to get a few side-quests started, make your towards the structure in the centre of the square, at which point an arrow will fly in. Read the note attached to the arrow, then make your way towards the exclamation point on your map.

Take a look at all the signs around this structure too so you get a bit more XP, then leave the vicinity of the square to trigger another cut-scene. When it's finished, make your way back to Haven and enter the main building once more.

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