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Dragon Age Inquisition - The Wrath of Heaven, Forward Camp, Pride Demon, Elfroot

Our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough begins with a guide to making it through the opening section of the game and your very first boss fight.

As soon as the opening cinematic has finished, choose your preferred dialogue option when you get the chance to do so. When you have control of your character, go along the path and then pass through the gate at the end when you come to it. Keep heading down the path on your left to start a new cut-scene. When you come under attack, assist Cassandra and then choose your next conversation option.

The Wrath of Heaven

Keep heading down the path and grab the loot from the dead soldier a little further along. Keep working your way through here, then jump down to your left when you're ambushed by a pair of Lesser Shades. Kill them, then go left to find more loot and an Elfroot towards the end of this path.

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Now head along the path in the opposite direction and kill the Lesser Shade you come to. When it's dead, go up the hill on your left and beat the Wrath waiting for you. Once you've killed it, make your way back down towards the lower section, then head towards the furthest end to get more loot and another Elfroot for your collection. You'll need to fight another pair of Wraiths and a new Lesser Shade on your way there.

To your right is another pack of enemies. Kill them all, then go all the way down this section until you find another Elfroot. Do a 180 and go up the stairs over to your right. At the top, take the left-hand path at the fork, then kill the enemies up ahead to start another cinematic.

Forward Camp

Carry on along the path until you come to a new pack of opponents - a Lesser Shade, two Wraiths and a Greater Shade. Use a ranged class to pick off the Wraiths, while having Cassandra concentrate on the Greater Shade. You yourself should get stuck into the Lesser Shade, before switching your attention to the Wraiths when it's dead. Eventually the Greater Shade should be the only creature standing - focus everyone on this enemy until it's dead.

Check the area all around you for more Elfroot, then get down onto the frozen river and veer left where you'll find even more loot. As soon as you come to the campsite down the left-hand path, kill the Shades and then grab the items by the fire. Go back to the house you were at a moment ago, climb the stairs, then kill the Shades and Wraiths up-top. Go up the hill and follow the path to even more enemies, kill then, then investigate the rift.

Go through the gate in front of you and make sure you top up your potions using the supply cache. Have a rummage around in the chest to the right of the bridge and take all the loot, then go towards the middle of the bridge. A cut-scene begins, and you just need to work your way through the dialogue options. We chose to take the mountain path for the purposes of this walkthrough.

Go up the ladder that's right in front of you, then take a left when you reach the top. Kill the Shades up ahead, then go up the next set of stairs and go around the corner on your right. Pick up all the loot on the floor and in the chest of the first room that's on your right.

In the cloudy section ahead of you, look right to get more loot, then go upstairs to kill the pair of Wraiths and the Shade. Take the loot from the area over on your left, then go up the stairs on your right. Kill the Wraiths and Shades, then make sure you seal up the rift.

Another cut-scene will start. When it's over, take the loot by your feet then go down the path over on your right. Make your way down the nearby ladders, then head towards the objective waypoint. Make your way through the opening here, then grab the nearby loot. Go downstairs and then make your way around the corner to start a new cut-scene.

When it's finished, take a right and keep following the path. Go down the stairs when you reach them, then jump down by the rift to start a new cinematic and fight your first boss.

Pride Demon

  • HP: 13,821
  • Perceptive
  • Immune to Asleep, Frozen, Paralyzed, Physical Effects
  • Electricity Resistance

The most important thing to remember during this fight with the Pride Demon is to ensure the main character keeps interacting with the rift. Keep in mind that the Pride Demon can't be damaged while its health bar is grey, which will happen at the very start of the fight, and occasionally throughout the encounter.

As soon as this happens, make sure you interact with the rift. This will stun the creature, and let you do damage to it once more. Make sure you're not positioned in front of the enemy either, as it shoots out a lightning attack that can cause you a real headache. Whenever minions show up to assist the boss, ignore them - unless they're actually targeting your character while you're tinkering with the rift.

You can find the rest of our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough from the first page of this article.


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