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Struggling to take down the Aspect of the Nightmare? The next part of our Inquisition walkthrough explains how to see off this boss in style.

When you get to the war room, pick Orlais and then choose Here Lies the Abyss. After the cinematic, kill the enemies ahead of you to start yet another cut-scene. When it ends, make your way towards the battlements by going through the western door and up the stairs. Be prepared to fight more enemies as you go.

Here Lies the Abyss

Take the loot from the north-east corner, then go up the stairs to your west. Kill the pair of Shades up ahead, then open up the door when you reach it. Go down the stairs on your right to where the Wardens are, tell them to get to safety, then top up your supplies. Finally, loot everything you can find nearby, then go south through the massive door.

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Make your way upstairs and then circle all the way around to the north. Kill the next pack of enemies you encounter, then go to the north-west balcony to get your hands on a bit more loot. Take the central stairs up and kill the enemies waiting for you.

When everything on the battlements has been dealt with, go up the ramp to the north for more loot, and a supply cache located in the next room along. Go through the eastern door, but be prepared to fight more enemies, including the Pride Demon you fought earlier on - albeit a Pride Demon with around 50% of its original health.

Note that it's immune to any physical, paralyze, freeze and sleep effects you throw its way. Kill the weaker creatures first, then get your Mages to conjure defensive barrier spells while the rest of the team finishes off the Demon.

When it's dead, take all the loot in this area, then go past the stairs as you keep heading south. Make a mental note of the location of this stairway, however, as you'll be using it shortly. At the end of this section is another Pride Demon - kill it, then grab all the loot.

Go back north and down the stairs where you'll find even more loot. Go through the big door up ahead, kill the enemies on the other side of it, then go all the way around to your right and through the next door along. Take the loot in this next room, then go through the door to your north to start a new cut-scene. For the purposes of this walkthrough, you should not select the option to attack the Wardens.

Pursue Clarel

Right after this cut-scene is a battle with yet another Pride Demon, but this time around you'll occasionally be attacked from the air. This is where having a pair of Mages comes in handy, as you'll be able to keep a barrier spell up all the time. If you don't have this luxury available to you, try and fight the creature with ranged attacks wherever possible. The Wardens will also give you a hand with the fight too, and the creature will target them quite often.

When the demon's down, go up the stairs in the north-west corner and kill the enemies waiting at the top. Now keep going north, ignore the stairs up ahead, and instead head right and go down the next hall you come to.

When the dragon attacks again you'll be able to target it. Hit it until it starts moving again, then carry on fighting along the hall and up the stairs to your right. Go up the second set of stairs on your right, then take the path to your right around the corner. Finally, go up the next stairs to start a new cut-scene.

Get to the Divine

Head south until you come to a table and chair. Look at the item on the top of the table, then rummage around the area for any loot you can find. If you can't see the items you need, you may have to wait until after the next cut-scene. Once you do have what you need, place it on the table and grab the item from the chair.

Make your way north until you're able to turn to the south-east and approach the marker on your map. Top up your supplies when you're close to the spawning point. Go up the stairs to your south-east to start a new cut-scene, and be ready to fight the Shade creatures when it finishes. Grab the memories dropped by these enemies to start a new cut-scene.

When it's over, take the eastern path towards your new map marker. Kill the enemies as you go, and be sure to grab any nearby loot before moving on. You should also collect as many ore supplements from the rocks too in order to get more armour and items.

Carry on down this path, stopping to investigate at every waypoint. Use your scanning ability to find the hidden items and place them at the location. When you come to a forking path, go north, examine the body, kill the creature that spawns, then keep heading north until you reach a mirror. Examine it, fight the monsters that appear, then look at the mirror once again to retrieve your attribute.

Grab the loot behind the mirror, then go back to that fork in the road and head towards the east. Kill any enemies that attack, and just keep pushing forward until you see the Divine. Talk to the Divine to get more answers, then top up your supplies before moving on.

Get to the rift to escape the Fade

Kill the demons on your right, then grab the memories they drop to start a new cut-scene. You'll be attacked by a batch of spiders when it finishes, so get ready to use your area-of-effect spells to take them all out nice and quickly.

Take a look at the cauldron that's marked out by a diamond on your map. Get a tarot card by scanning the area to the right of the nearby statue, then put the card in the cauldron itself to retrieve your attribute point.

Carry on towards the east, killing enemies as you go, and make sure you look at all the mirrors during the journey, so you gather all the attribute points. As soon as you reach the green portal, be ready to fight another pack of spiders. When they're dead, you can choose to either go up the path that's north-east of your current position, or the path that leads directly east. Either will take you to your next destination, or you can loop round to tackle both - something you'll need to do to complete the Broken Window side-quest.

Begin with the lower path, and kill the enemies that attack as you head towards the next diamond waypoint. Look at the table when you get there, then kill the enemies which attack from the east. At the next waypoint, scan the graveyard to get a vial of blood, then take it back to the table to get another attribute point.

Make your way towards the stairs near the table, kill the enemies, then look at the mirror to the north of the stairs. Next, go up those stairs and kill the demons, but focus on the weaker ones first before turning your attention to the Pride Demon.

When they're all dead, go upstairs to get around onto the second path. Kill the two Pride Demons here, but attack the first one from as much range as you can manage. If you do that, you may be able to finish it before the second one can show up. When they're both dead, look at the bed to your north before scanning the area for a teddy bear. Put it on the bed to get your attribute point.

To the south is a strange device. The challenge here is to ignite all five bits with flames. To solve it, imagine that the points are numbered from 1-5 from left to right. Now activate them in the following order: 4, 1, 3, 5, 2. When you're done, grab the loot that appears.

Now go down the stairs to your east, and carry on in that direction to get more loot. Top your supplies up by the stairs, then go down them to start a new cut-scene. When it finishes, you'll fight a new boss known as the Aspect of the Nightmare.

Aspect of the Nightmare

  • HP: 40,479
  • Perceptive
  • Vulnerable to Electricity and Spirit
  • Immune to Fear, Asleep, Frozen and Physical effects

The fight against this creature is pretty simple to start with. Just attack the creature in any way you fancy, but try to use Lightning and Spirit-based attacks to do the most damage. After a short amount of time, spiders and Shades will spawn. Take them down quickly before returning your attention to the boss. Area-of-effect spells work well here, as many of these creatures will cluster together if you keep your party formation tight.

If you see any glowing areas on the ground, make sure a Mage dispels them quickly so the group doesn't take damage. Nightmare will also teleport around the battle arena from time to time, making a ranged assault the best overall strategy. Have one Warrior taunt Nightmare to keep the focus away from the group, and make sure any other melee warriors are well equipped to deal maximum damage.

When the Aspect of the Nightmare is killed, you'll have to choose between the deaths of Stroud or Hawke. When the cut-scene finishes you'll be whisked off back to Skyhold.

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