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Dragon Age Inquisition - In Your Heart Shall Burn, trebuchets, Skyhold, Cole, Blackwell

Struggling to get the trebuchets in working order? Our walkthrough will show you how to survive the onslaught and find some new party members.

To carry on with the main story of the game you'll need to have a power level of at least one. Finish up a side quest or two if you need to get booted, then make your way back to the Haven war room. Choose Ferelden, followed by the location associated with the next quest.

In Your Heart Shall Burn

Make your way to the gate to trigger a new cut-scene, then battle the enemies until the trebuchet can start firing. You'll have to deal with three waves of enemies in total, and you must stop them from reaching the trebuchet itself. When it fires, you'll be given an objective marker that takes you to the next device to the south. Grab all the loot, then make your way there.

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Kill the enemies surrounding the second trebuchet, then get your party to attack anyone who assaults you directly. Head to the trebuchet and interact with it to turn the gear, which will soon start a new cut-scene. As you're turning the gear, make sure your mages throw up lots of protective spells to make life easier for yourself. Once the gear's been turned all the way around, the battle will end.

As you head back to the gates, keep your eyes peeled for a new quest marker to the right of the path. You'll see an NPC who's trying to get a door open, and you can get one of your melee fighters to smash through the objects blocking the door. You'll also be able to replenish your supplies after doing so.

Free Seggrit

A new cut-scene will start when you get back to the gates. Keep making your way to the war room in the chantry, killing anyone who gets in your way, then take the left-hand path to find a trapped Seggrit. Use a melee fighter to smash away at the door, then interact with Seggrit. Take the loot from the corner, then resume your journey to the chantry.

As you get near you'll be attacked by yet another pack of enemies. Kill them all, top up your supplies, then kill the enemies to the right of the chantry to save the villagers. When you're done, head inside to kick off another cut-scene.

Head off in the direction of the main gate, then take the left-hand path that appears just before it. This will take you to the trebuchet, but you'll be attacked by enemies as you approach. When you get there, you'll have an even bigger fight on your hands. Keep turning that gear like you did before, but note that the enemies will be stronger than before, and the turning process will take longer.

You can choose to either fight each wave of enemies, or have your party deal with the problem while you keep turning the gear. The longer you take to finish the gearing process, the tougher the enemies will get, and the more of them you'll have to face. The choice is yours and it depends on how tough your party is and how confident you are in battle. Once the gear's been turned completely, a new cut-scene will begin.

Finding Skyhold

From here on out you have access to a new ability called Mark of the Rift. Head along the path and kill the enemies in front of you, then keep going forwards towards the objective marker on your map. You can't run here so it'll take a little while for the next cut-scene to trigger. At the end of it, and a quick bit of dialogue, you'll be at Skyhold, the Inquisition's home.

The first thing to do when you arrive is track down the war room. Go through the door marked on your map as a waypoint, look at the journal on your left, then talk to Harritt. You can now craft armour and weapons and perform any upgrades you fancy. You can also adjust the castle itself and tweak the potency of your potions.

Go to the main hall, then take the next door just a little further along and to your right. Walk through the double-doors, then talk to Josephine when you reach her in the next room. Carry on through the next door ahead of you to get to the war room.

How to add Cole and Blackwell to your party

Before starting your next adventure, open up your map and look for a quest called The Forgotten Boy. If you let Cole remain, he'll join your party as a Rogue. As soon as he's on board you'll be able to carry on with the main quest, but you'll also need a power level of eight or 30 depending on which part of the core quest you want to continue with.

For the purposes of our walkthrough, you need to be at power level eight, so complete side quests around the region until you get there if necessary. Make sure you also go to the Hinterlands and finish a quest called Lone Warden (part of the Inner Circle story), so that you gain a Warrior called Blackwell.

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