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Destiny 2 Glass Shard locations for the white shader Bitterpearl explained

Where to find each optional Vault of Glass location.

Glass Shards is one of the main Vault of Glass collectibles in Destiny 2.

New to the raid's return in Destiny 2, there are 12 of these to find. Finding them all unlocks the Bitterpearl shader - an all-white shader which is particularly useful for those who want to take part in transmog.

If you're after other collectibles in the raid, then it's worth opening all four Vault of Glass chest locations.

If you're interested on how to complete the raid in the first place, our Vault of Glass guide to every encounter can help.

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Destiny 2 Glass Shard locations explained

The ordering below works as follows: Destiny 2 classifies the shards for the triumph to unlock Bitterpearl in an order that, if followed, would take longer or possibly even multiple runs.

Though this only applies to a handful of Shards towards the end, the current ordering will be based on the order you should follow, and will be numbered in brackets afterwards if the game categorises them differently - handy in case you have any gaps on your Triumphs page.

Glass Shard 1 location

There are two Glass Shards to collect in the starting area for the Vault of Glass. Neither are too hard to find thankfully. The first you should pick up is on the far right of the arena. Use a sparrow and fly past all of the plates. As you approach the barrier for the area, look for a tree on your right. The shard is sitting just behind it.

Glass Shard 2 location

This should be an easy one. Head towards the middle plate, but don't hop up the cliffside. Instead, there is a little cave at the bottom of the cliff face between the left and middle plate. Go inside and at the back, there should be a little Glass Shard.

Glass Shard 3 location

This one is a little harder to spot, but it is on the critical path. Once you've opened the door to the Vault of Glass. Head down the rocky path until you reach the green room where you drop down for the second secret chest.

There is a hard left turn. Between that and the path you just came from is a little dark nook. It's hard to see but if you look around for a moment you should spot it.

Glass Shard 4 location

After Glass Shard 3, drop down below and head to the area where the second secret chest is. Once at the chest look up and across from you. Just above the tree, you should see the shard.

Glass Shard 5 location

Glass Shard 5 is a little bit of a pain if you've gone for Glass Shard 4 already, but it is doable. Once you have Glass Shard 4 head down to where you would place the raid banner for the Confluxes encounter.

Instead of jumping down, head back up the way you didn't come from. It's a little tricky, but every class can do it. Just look for little ledges in the Vex-y geometry to land on until you get up to the other path.

If you have not collected Glass Shard 4 or gone for the second secret chest, you can just turn left at the green room and head down the critical path until you get to one of the last platforms before having to make a right.

At the platform with a raised cube on it, jump off from here:

As you fall, you will see a lip underneath you with a Glass Shard on it.

Glass Shard 6 location

You won't be able to get this glass shard until you beat the Templar boss and are ready to head into the Gorgon maze. Once you beat the encounter, instead of heading into the main door, go to the left of the arena.

A small panel will have opened on the side of the structure near where the stairs lead up. If you are a Destiny 1 veteran, this is the room where a secret chest used to be. Once inside, look up immediately and you will see the shard.

Glass Shard 7 location

This is a tough one to spot. After collecting Glass Shard 6, start your descent towards the Gorgons.

Head down even past to where it says you have entered the Labyrinth, but stop when you get to a room with a flat, lowered ceiling. When you see this, look behind you for a little nook behind a rock. Inside you will find a broken Vex portal and next to a Glass Shard.

Glass Shard 8 location (in-game: Glass Shard 9)

Enter the ">Gorgon's maze and head towards the cave to your right. You want to be headed towards the locked door that contains the third secret chest. In the first room of the cave, two tall rocks will be splitting the room in half, and the Gorgons will try to move in between them.

The Glass Shard is between the two tall rocks, up on a small ledge.

If you don't care about dying, don't worry about getting seen by a Gorgon. Just hop up and collect it before wiping.

Glass Shard 9 location (in-game: Glass Shard 8)

For this Glass Shard, head towards the exit of the Gorgon maze in the same manner described in our guide. However, once you land on the final rock across from the exit. Stop. Look at the exit and then turn left.

You should see a little corner with a small lip a little down the corridor. When the coast is clear of Gorgons, run towards it. On your immediate left, just around that corner, should be a Glass Shard.

Glass Shard 10 location (in-game: Glass Shard 11)

This Glass Shard takes a little more effort to get to than most, but it isn't too hard. Once you get to the jumping portion of the Vault of Glass, stop. Instead of jumping down to the path on the other side of the room, look across to your left.

You should see a little ledge with a small cave opening above it. Hop across and follow the cave until you reach a large opening above the rest of the room.

Simply jump off and fall a fair way to a small lip below. If you manage to land it, look behind you. There is a small cave where the glass shard is visible.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Glass Shard 11 location (in-game: Glass Shard 10)

If you have gone to get Glass Shard 10, the best way to get this one is probably to die and respawn on top of the jumping puzzle. If not, then you are already starting at the top anyways. Just jump down to the ledge on the other side of the room.

About halfway down the ledge, there will be a turn you can make on the right. Head down here and around the corner to get the next shard.

Glass Shard 12 location

The final Glass Shard is found just before the final room where you face the Gatekeepers and Atheon. Walk up to the door leading to Atheon's throne room.

Walk up the stairs and then look for a ledge above you on the right. There should be two you can mantle up.

Then look to the opposite side and you will see a small nook with a Glass Shard.

And now you have all the Shards, completing the triumph, which will allow you to acquire the Bitterpearl shader. Now go where the (mostly) all-white shader to show off to all your friends!

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