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Destiny 2 Vault of Glass chest locations, and solo chest strategy explained

Where to find bonus gear drops throughout the raid.

Vault of Glass chest locations are secret loot drops scattered throughout the raid.

A reoccurring staple of raids since the very beginning, in Year 4 of Destiny 2 they have evolved to not only drop a raid weapon or gear piece you've already collected, but offer raid-specific mods and aid and exotic-specific currency Spoils of Conquest.

We explain all four Vault of Glass chest locations, how chest drops work, as well as how to open a Vault of Glass chest solo.

If you're interested on how to complete the raid in the first place, our Vault of Glass guide to every encounter can help, and if you wanted more to find, we explain how to get all Glass Shards.

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How secret Vault of Glass chests in Destiny 2 work

As well as raid-specific mods and Spoils of Conquests, it's important to note you won't get any 'new' gear drops from bonus chests - only additional versions of anything you've collected from the main reward chests so far.

If it's your first run through Vault of Glass, for instance, you won't earn anything since you haven't got anything from an encounter yet. If you've only seen, say, Vision of Confluences drop, then the chests will only give you new rolls of that.

Getting Spoils of Conquest is a good reason to keep opening secret chests each reset.

So the more you complete the Vault of Glass, the more varied the bonus chest loot pool will become. Having a limited selection can have its advantages though, especially if you are after a particular roll for something you want more of - such as the Fatebringer.

Though they are optional and (mostly) hidden, it's worth knowing these chests aren't hard to reach each week if you know where they are, and give you a welcome, easy source of resources and gear every run.

Finally - finding all four will give you an additional Triumph, so for completionists, they're a must.

Vault of Glass chest locations in Destiny 2

Beyond the 'encounter reward' chests in Vault of Glass, are four optional chests to find in the Vault of Glass.

Vault of Glass Chest 1 location

The first chest is probably somewhat of a stretch to call a secret, but Destiny 2 classes it as one. After the introductory encounter where you open the vault, once the door opens, look to your left. Sitting just inside there should be a chest.

Vault of Glass Chest 2 location

The second chest is hidden a little better, but you can get it before getting to the first real encounter where you defend the Confluxes. It's also where you can pick up several Glass Shard locations.

As you enter the Vault of Glass, head down the rocky pathway until you enter a green room that takes a hard left.

Now you have to trust me. Jump off the cliff, and make an immediate 180. Right underneath the ridge of the cliff, you should see an opening. Get inside there and follow the path which leads down. If you get stuck, look beneath you. There are lips and platforms you will be able to land on.

Eventually, you will enter a more open room with a tree in it. Once in this room head to the platform to where said tree is and just across from it should be the second chest.

Vault of Glass Chest 3 location

This is definitely the most involved chest of all of them. Once in the Gorgon maze, you are going to need to shoot three Vex-y cubes to open a hidden door. To get all of the chests, you are going to need to traverse most of the maze, so a general rule here is 'don't get seen by the Gorgons', otherwise... y'know, you'll die.

The first cube is not too difficult. As you approach the cave opening you would on a normal run, jump up the cliff face towards your left. There should be a little raised area you can get to. Then pull out a sniper or scout and look to your right. In a tiny gap, you should be able to see part of a cube. Just shoot it.

Once that is destroyed, enter the cave as normal and head up the big rock and make your jumps until you are on the raised platform across from the exit. Just turn around and right underneath a lower bit of ceiling, there should be a cube. Take that out.

The last cube is going to be the hardest to get as you are going to have to avoid a fair few Gorgons to get it. From the platform you are on, drop down as if you were going to exit the maze but then run past the exit. From here you need to hug the cave wall on your right and keep moving down the network.

Eventually, the cave will curve left with a rock to your left as well. Once between this rock and the cave wall, follow the bend just a little bit. Then look up and you should see the third and final box.

Text saying 'A door has been opened.... ' appears. You can then die, the door will remain open. Get seen by a Gorgon and wipe. Once you land at the start of the labyrinth, look to your right. There should be a small cave opening.

There are several Gorgons in here so be very careful that you and your team aren't seen. Hug the right wall of the cave as much as possible and move past the first room. There should be a brightly lit room just past it with a now open circular door. Inside on a raised platform is the third secret chest.

Vault of Glass Chest 4 location

The last secret chest is much easier than the last. Once you have passed the Gorgon maze and get to the jumping puzzle drop down to the ledge, follow it like normal.

However, move past the entrance that leads to the Gatekeepers and Atheon.

There should be a pillar you can scale in front of you. Head up it, and then at the top of the pillar, look across to your left. It should be glowing blue just on a ledge, hop up and open the chest.

There you go, you have all the chests in the Vault of Glass. Claim your triumph!

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Vault of Glass solo chest strategy

Though raids are six player activities, it's possible to find unauthorised ways to reach the optional chests - or even complete entire challenges - solo. This is useful if you can't get a group on a particular weekly reset, but still want to get your hands on additional gear rolls or Spoils of Conquest.

For Vault of Glass, it's possible to get the first bonus chest by glitching your way past the gate, which usually requires you completing the opening encounter.

The video by Esoterickk on YouTube below goes into more detail on how this works - but in short, you need a specific mobility-friendly class setup, before clipping under the map using your Sparrow and working your way back round to where the chest is:

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You won't get in 'trouble' with Bungie for doing this - they never punish players for exploits - but know it's possible the above strategy might be patched out in time.

If you struggle with the above - or it does get patched out, which is what kept happened with the 'easy' opening solo chest strategy for Deep Stone Crypt - then it's possible to complete the first encounter properly solo.

Again, Esoterickk shows how this is done:

Watch on YouTube

Whichever strategy you go for, it'll take a bit of practice and prep to get the right loadout. If you can, it's worth completing the raid properly first with others - this not only makes your more familiar with the environments themselves, but makes it more enjoyable before you attempt a solo weekly farm.

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