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Destiny 2 Fatebringer god roll recommendation and drop location explained

How to get your hands on a powerful version of the returning hand cannon.

Destiny 2's Fatebringer is a kinetic weapon which has made its return to Destiny 2.

A fan favourite weapon from the original Destiny, the Fatebringer's legacy was cut short due to all year one weapons having an infusion cap - until Bungie bought it back with an Exotic version as part of the Age of Triumph event several years later.

Debuting in Destiny 2 during May 2021 alongside the likes of the Vex Mythoclast, the Fatebringer is a possible drop within the Vault of Glass, and comes with many of the perks which made the original so iconic in the first place.

This page explains how to get the Fatebringer and our Fatebringer god roll recommendation - as well as other rolls which might come in handy.

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How to get Fatebringer in Destiny 2

As with the original Destiny, the Fatebringer is tied to the Vault of Glass raid.

The Fatebringer in Destiny 2 has a chance of dropping after third and fourth encounters in Vault of Glass. Specifically, once you have defeated the Templar and Gatekeeper - which are encounters which sandwich the Gorgon Maze and the platforming puzzle - it's possible the Fatebringer can drop.

Image credit: Bungie community manager @A_dmg04 on Twitter.

(Thanks Testifye on reddit for confirming the above drop locations, and Bungie community manager @A_dmg04 for the above image).

Remember, as with any raid loot, nothing is guaranteed - and instead you have to rely on luck. That said, the Fatebringer shouldn't be too difficult to get; with two opportunities per raid, and a limited pool of items to pull it from, most players aren't seeing much difficulty seeing one drop after their first or second attempts.

If you're unlucky, keep trying - there are plenty of other great Pinnacle drops to get after all!

The good news is when you do have one Fatebringer, even if the rolls aren't to your satisfaction, you can then circumvent the above process by spending Spoils of Conquest at the chest after the final encounter to reroll one more to your liking.

Speaking of which - what is a good roll for the Fatebringer?

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Fatebringer god roll recommenation in Destiny 2

Fatebringer is a weapon with random rolls - meaning each time you get one, the barrel, rounds and perks will be randomised.

Though the 'best' combination of rolls and perks will differ according to taste and what you want to use the weapon for, there's no doubt some combinations are better than others. The community terms these 'god rolls' - mostly due to their power, but also we imagine due to the 'divine' luck you need to get such a combination to drop.

Here is our recommended Fatebringer god roll in Destiny 2:

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Accurized Rounds or Tactical Mag
  • Explosive Payload
  • Firefly

Let's start with the perks; Explosive Rounds causes an area-of-effect detonation on impact, while Firefly sees precision kills causing the target to explode, dealing Solar damage to nearby enemies, and giving you a reload speed boost all in one.

These combined are a very satisfying combination, with bodies flying as you clear groups of enemies with a surprising amount of area-of-effect damage.

Heli on YouTube (about two minutes in) shows off this combination nicely:

Heli on YouTube showing the Explosive Payload and Firefly perks in action.Watch on YouTube

If you have the above two perks, you should be set. Otherwise, either one with Killing Wind - which introduces increased weapon range, mobility and handling for a short duration with final blows - is also a good shout.

If you are lucky enough to get Explosive Payload and Firefly, then you should be set. From there, the nice to haves when it comes to the barrel is Corkscrew Rifling or Hammer-Forged Rifling - both giving an all-important boost to range. Hammer-Forged's increase is greater - by 10 - while Corkscrew's is by 5, but also comes with similar handling and stability increases if you prefer an all-round improvement.

For the rounds, Accurized Rounds or Tactical Mag are recommended. This is mostly a matter of taste; Accurized Rounds offers another chance at increased range - very useful for any hand cannon - while Tactical Mag provides increased stability, reload speed and magazine size - a well rounded stat-boost.

Remember, once you have your preferred roll, be sure to upgrade it to a Masterwork to give it a stat boost, ability to generate Orbs on multi-kills, and add the option of a kill tracker.

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