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Destiny 2 - Templar boss strategy

Hello! Believe it counts everything, as there's a dedicated medal - Battle Legend - for raids specifically.

Destiny 2's Templar is the first full boss encounter in the Vault of Glass raid.

Once you have worked out how to defend the Confluxes and destroy the Oracles, the Templar will make an appearance.

Though it's an extension of those previous encounters, there are a lot of mechanics going on here, and thus, a lot to keep track of.

Your success will be in your team's ability to manage the different damage types needed and the ammo economy - so best of luck!

For help with other encounters, see our main Vault of Glass guide.

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Templar strategy in Destiny 2 explained

As you will see, there is now a relic you can pick up in the pit. Once picked up, the encounter will begin. It's best to assign the relic to one player. If the shield is ever left unattended, it will wipe the team in a couple of seconds.

To complete this encounter, you will need to kill the Templar boss, but doing so is pretty involved. First up, Oracles are once again going to appear. Thankfully, they only appear in waves of three. Like the last encounter, have two players focused on hitting these. Everyone else should be focused on clearing enemies.

Again, Fanatics are back so watch out for their pools. Unlike in Destiny 1, the relic holder will not be the one to cleanse you. You will need to jump into the middle of the pit to take the debuff off.

Once the oracles have been taken care of, the relic holder's super should just about be ready. When it is, they should use it on the boss to remove their shield. Then people should try to lay on the damage as much as possible.

While this is happening, players will periodically be trapped in a barrier. They will be unable to free themselves, so the team will have to turn and shoot the player free.

While damage is ongoing, the relic holder should be looking around the arena for a beam of light with a red circle around it. This is an indication that the boss is planning to teleport. By standing in this circle the relic holder will stop the boss from teleporting, extending the damage phase.

A team can do this indefinitely, but there is a catch. After some time, the oracles will spawn again, so the readers will need to be in position to destroy these in order.

Also, anytime the Templar is stopped from teleporting, several Minotaurs will spawn making the areas where the oracle readers will likely want to be swamped with enemies.

That's why it's a good idea to only stop the boss from teleporting once. Then, after the second Ritual of Negation return to where Oracles were before and clear the enemies that have gathered, ready for the next phase.

The exception to the rule would be if you got to the boss to the enrage portion of the fight, meaning you only have one damage phase left. If this is the case, try to stop it from teleporting for as long as possible and try to burn it's health down.

If the boss falls, great stuff. Next, it's the Gorgon maze.

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