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Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter community event rewards and how to farm Captain's Coins

Lend a helping hand... or four...

Eliksni Quarter is a commnunity event in Destiny 2 to finish off the Season of Plunder.

Guardians from around the world are being asked to participate in a shared quest, donating treasure in the form of Captain’s Coins to improve living conditions for the Eliksni refugees in the Eliksni quarter of the Last City.

This guide will detail how to earn and spend Captain's Coins, and what rewards you can expect to receive for your trouble.

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All improvement dialogue in the A Rising Tide quest in Destiny 2Watch on YouTube

How the Eliksni Quarter community event in Destiny 2 works

To start participating in the Eliksni Quarter community event, you must visit the chest located in the Tower as soon as you spawn in.

This gives you A Rising Tide, a quest where players are asked to donate treasure - with both individual and community-wide rewards for participation.

The steps to get started with A Rising Tide in Destiny 2 are:

  • Visit the Tower, and access the Donations Chest
  • Collect a Captain’s Coin, which can be found in Ketchcrash, Expeditions, destination chests, Lost Sectors, public events, Dares of Eternity, and King’s Fall
  • Deposit your coin(s) in the Donations Chest

How can you see how things are progressing?

How to track progress in the Eliksni Quarter community event

UPDATE (November 24th): After only just over one day, the community event has been completed, meaning all A Rising Tide quest steps can be completed.

Though it means the community contribution rewards have been reached, the personal ones are still available. Remember, you can donate materials if you prefer, allowing you to speed through this quickly if you prefer not to do the Captain's Coin grind. We don't blame you!

ORIGINAL REPORT: Every time a new milestone for donations is reached, more of the Eliksni quarter will be improved and A Rising Tide will progress further. There are nine total steps in the quest for Guardians to complete.

You can see the progress by looking at the chest screen, where the figures of progress are displayed in the bottom right, updating every 15 minutes.

As well as a total figure in the lowest heading, it also shows all the available locked steps - and their various requirements.

Alternatively, there is a fan-made website - eliksni.charity - which gives you a running log of steps, as well as ETAs.

Credit: eliksni.charity

How can you speed this along? By finding the event's currency - Captain's Coins.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to farm Captain's Coins in Destiny 2

It will take hundreds of millions of Captain’s Coins to complete A Rising Tide. While you won’t be responsible for gathering all of these on your own, accumulating coins efficiently can still be a time saver, especially if you are hunting the individual rewards. There are many ways to farm Captain's Coins, but not all sources are created equal.

Here is roughly how many Captain’s Coins you can expect from activities, according to our tests and some crowd sourced information:

  • Destination Chests (3)
  • Heroic Public Events (14)
  • Lost Sectors (14)
  • Dares of Eternity (35)
  • Strike (35-50, depending on difficulty)
  • Ketchcrash and Expeditions (50)
  • King’s Fall Raid (340 total, divided unevenly across each checkpoint)

Though Bungie has mentioned you can get drops from Crucible and Gambit, in our experience - even with the event-specific emblem equipped - we struggled to get any, so don't rely on these sources for now.

Our recommendation for farming Captain’s Coins is the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in Trostland of the EDZ. The entire Lost Sector can be cleared in 30-60 seconds, granting you around 14 Captain's Coins per minute.

All you need to do is rush in, kill the boss, open the chest, then either run or fast travel back to Trostland, and repeat. It’s extremely fast, and very effective.

Where to find Widow's Walk in the EDZ.

Alternatively - especially as the above method tends to get nerfed by Bungie during these types of events - we fould Destination Chests quite easy to find. Pick a Patrol zone you enjoy, stick on the Ghost mod which allows you to see them at a distance, and go exploring in a loop.

It's not quite as quick, but it feels a little less mindless - especially if you can chip away at some plantery bounties as you go.

Wearing the Parts of a Whole Emblem is also supposed to assist with earning coins, though exactly how much it helps isn’t exceptionally clear. Still, it is worth putting it on just to be safe, if farming Captain’s Coins is your goal.

All personal Eliksni Quarter event rewards in Destiny 2

While helping out your fellow man four-armed bipeds is its own reward, there are some tangible incentives to participating in this community activity. Personal rewards are handed out at regular increments based on your individual contributions.

Those rewards are:

  • Parts of a Whole Emblem (1 Treasure donated)
  • Enhancement Core (300 Treasure donated)
  • Upgrade Module (600 Treasure donated)
  • Eliksni Quarter Gift Box (1000 Treasure donated)
  • Enhancement Prism (1400 Treasure donated)
  • Ascendant Shard (1800 Treasure donated)
  • Swashbuckler Shell (2400 Treasure donated)
  • The Swashbuckler Shell.

Naturally, this is all in addition to the real prize, the joy on the faces of all the Eliskni you help as you donate treasure.

Of course, no one will fault you for wanting to help yourself to a few new toys while you are are at it, like a shiny new BxR-55 Battler, or a sweet new exotic from today’s rotating Legend and Master Lost Sector.