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Destiny 2 BxR-55 Battler god roll and drop location

That old familiar feeling.

BxR-55 Battler is a legendary pulse rifle which first appeared in Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Pack.

This is designed as an homage to a gun of Bungie's past - the Battle Rifle from the Halo Series. It's an accurate and aggressive weapon that excels at repeated critical hits.

This page will detail how to get BxR-55 Battler in Destiny 2, and which BxR-55 Battler god rolls will help you slay your enemies like a certain famous Spartan.

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How to get BxR-55 Battler in Destiny 2

BxR-55 Battler is one of the 30th Anniversary Pack weapons. Initially, there are two parts to getting your hands on BxR-55 Battler. First, you need to participate in Xur's whacky Dares of Eternity gameshow. Once you brave the obstacle courses and special guests from around the galaxy you will face off with a boss, then be awarded a chest for successful completion. This will also bestow a Treasure key upon you.

Next, visit Xur's Treasure Hoard. Behind Xur is a chest that opens with your Treasure Key. There are no guarantees, but BxR-55 Battler is one of the items that can drop from this chest.

BxR-55 Battler is also a craftable weapon. You will need to complete the pattern on three Deepsight Resonance BxRs to unlock it for crafting, but once you do so you can visit the Enclave and build your own.

Not only does this enable you to conjure the gun anytime - provided you have the materials - but the version you craft can be intentionally socketed with various mods as you level it up, allowing you to purpose-build your preferred version of the weapon.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

BxR-55 Battler god roll recommendation in Destiny 2

BxR-55 Battler comes standard equipped with the Hot Swap origin trait. With it, this pulse rifle gets a large handling boost if you switch to it after taking damage, allowing for fast and snappy aiming.

A 'god roll' of BxR-55 Battler takes advantage of the long range, high rate of fire, and excellent handling, while focusing on increasing damage output.

Here is our recommended BxR-55 Battler god roll in Destiny 2:

  • Arrowhead Break
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Kill Clip

Arrowhead Break is an easy choice. BxR-55 Battler doesn't need any range boosts, and the greatly increased recoil control makes it exceptionally easy to resist the pull of the gun while it fires. Critical hits become far easier to land, leaning into what BxR-55 Battler does best.

Ricochet Rounds slightly increase range and stability, which is nice, and the way the rounds bounce off of surfaces means the times where you do need to quickly unload your magazine into a group of enemies you are almost certainly going to land hits, even if you miss initially.

A weapon like BxR-55 Battler is made to be used while in motion, which is what makes Perpetual Motion a perfect fit. Moving, whether while hip firing or aiming down sights, increases stability, handling ,and most importantly, reload speed. BxR-55 Battler has infinite reserves, so the time it takes to reload is the only required break in the action. This decreases that quite a bit.

Kill Clip synergizes beautifully with Perpetual Motion. Reloading after killing an enemy creates a 33% damage buff for five seconds. Combine accurate shooting with frequent, fast reloads, and you've got a weapon that unleashes an endless torrent of rapid, high damage rounds on large groups of enemies.

As per usual, once you have your preferred roll, be sure to upgrade it to a Masterwork to give it a stat boost, ability to generate Orbs on multi-kills, and add the option of a kill tracker!

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