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Destiny 2 Crimson Days: Loot, milestones, Crimson Engrams and everything else we know about the Valentine's Day event

How new Crimson Engrams will drop and everything we know about Destiny 2's Crimson Days event.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days is a Valentine's Day-themed event making its comeback to Bungie's space shooter for the first time since 2016.

The event will introduce new themed consumables, a revamped Crimson Days Crucible mode and activity and loot-specific Milestones.

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Destiny 2 Crimson Days end date and features

The Crimson Days start date is Tuesday, February 13, with the start time alongside the usual weekly reset. It will end on the next weekly reset on Tuesday, February 20.

Crimson Days will feature the following:

  • A new 2 vs 2 Crimson Days Crucible Days playlist. Unlike the playlist from the original game, which gave you a buff if your partner was downed, this time your abilities will recharge faster the closer you are to your partner. If you abandon your partner, the opposition will be given a waypoint leading them to your location.
  • The return of Destiny 1 map The Burning Shrine as The Burnout, set in a timeline where the Vex "succeeded in altering our reality".
The Burnout is based on Destiny 1's The Burning Strike.
  • Crimson Engrams, rewarded from levelling up and a chance from Crimson Days Crucible match completions. They cannot be purchased with Silver.
  • Crimson Days loot, available from Crimson Engrams, specific activity rewards and purchased directly from Eververse. Drops won't 'duplicate', so you'll keep earning new rewards until the loot table is exhausted.
  • All Crimson Engram loot can also be dismantled for Bright Dust, including Shaders.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Crimson Days loot, milestones and how to get Crimson Engrams

Crimson Engrams will offer new Shaders, Exotic skins, Ghosts, Sparrows, emotes and Emblems throughout the event, which we first learned about from leaked icons and subsequent confirmation from Bungie.

Here is a sneak peak on what's on offer in each Crimson Engram:

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny 2 Crimson Days 2018 event loot revealed

As mentioned above, there is no 'duplicates' from these Engrams, so you'll keep earning new rewards until every loot item has been exhausted.

Crimson Engrams will come from the following sources:

  • From levelling up (alongside the existing Illuminated Engram) for the duration of the event.
  • Chance of dropping from completing Crimson Days Crucible matches

There is also unique rewards for completing specific activities:

  • Emblem 'Fire of Crimson Days' (starting the Crimson Days milestone) and Ghost Shell 'Tirastrella' (finishing five Crimson Days matches to complete the 'Welcome to Crimson Days' milestone)
  • Exotic Sparrow 'Undeterred' (complete Crimson Days matches for a chance it'll drop)
  • Exotic Ornament 'Dieselpunk' for Wardcliff Coil (completing a Raid activity)
  • Emote 'Flaunting Dance' (completing a Nightfall Strike)

So whether you're heads down on the Crimson Days playlist, return each week for end-game activities or are simply levelling up from any activity, you will get something from Crimson Days - which already sounds better than the last event back in the original Destiny.

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