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Control - Weapon Mods and Personal Mods, including Astral Constructs explained

Everything you need to know about Weapon and Personal Mods in Control.

Weapon Mods and Personal Mods in Control boost your abilities, stats and Service Weapon, helping you truly demolish the Hiss.

Both kinds of Mods - Weapon and Personal - can be found using a variety of different methods. This includes the traditional Chest opening activity and the Astral Constructs system, which allows you to build your own Mods.

All the Mods you can find are randomly generated, so make sure you build up a small collection. You never know what you're going to need.

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What are Weapon and Personal Mods in Control?

Weapon and Personal Mods provide improvements to Jesse's stats and the Service Weapon to aid you in your fight against the Hiss.

When you begin Control, you'll only be able to equip 1 Weapon and Personal Mod. Spending Ability Points, however, will allow you to unlock additional Mod Slots for both the Service Weapon and Jesse.

Eventually you'll be able to equip 3 Personal Mods and 3 Weapon Mods per Weapon Form.

You can easily add or change your Mods on the Loadout screen found on the main in-game menu.

The Loadout screen is where you can change your Weapon and Personal Mods.

Don't forget to regularly update and change your Mods as your journey through the Federal Bureau of Control. They will provide vital support in your fight against the Hiss and having a good selection at hand will allow you to quickly adapt for any battle.

Where can you find Weapon and Personal Mods in Control?

When looking for Weapon and Personal Mods in Control, it's important to remember that they are both randomly generated. This means that you have no guarantee over what kind of Mod you'll receive or where exactly you'll find it.

One of the easiest ways to find Mods is by killing the Hiss and opening the various Chests you'll find in your investigation through the Bureau of Control. You will also receive random Mods from completing both main story missions and side missions.

Completing Board Countermeasures will also supply you with a random Mod. You will, however, be able to see the rarity level of the Mod.

Board Countermeasures are additional tasks that you can complete while playing Control. A Countermeasure can be anything from killing a specific type of Hiss to killing enemies in a specific Sector of the Bureau.

Completing Board Countermeasures can reward you with rare Mods.

You can take and redeem on Board Countermeasures by visiting the Control Point in Central Executive.

Finally, you can also build your own Mods using Astral Constructs.

Astral Constructs for Mods in Control

Astral Constructs will allow you to spend a mixture of Source Energy and Materials to create random Personal and Weapon Mods.

You can access Astral Constructs via the Control Points scattered across the Bureau of Control.

When you first begin Control, you'll only be able to make random Common level Mods. By upgrading the Constructs Level, however, you'll be able to create Mods with a higher rarity level.

There are 5 Constructs Levels in total and you upgrade your Constructs Level by spending Source Energy and Materials.

Here are the requirements for upgrading your Constructs Level:

  • Level 2 - 5000 Source Energy / 3 House Memory / 1 Threshold Remnant
  • Level 3 - 7500 Source Energy / 5 Threshold Remnant / 1 Astral Blip
  • Level 4 - 10,000 Source Energy / 5 Astral Blip / 1 Entropic Echo
  • Level 5 - 20,000 Source Energy / 5 Entropic Echo / 1 Corrupted Sample
You build your own Mods using Astral Constructs.

While you won't know what stat boost the Mod will provide, you will know the rarity level of the Mod you're creating.

If you don't like the options Astral Constructs gives you, then spend 1000 Source Energy to Refresh Mods. This will generate a new selection of randomised Mods for you to make.

Mod Rarity in Control

Each Mod you find, Weapon or Personal, will have a different level of rarity.

The rarity of a Mod decides how much Source Energy you'll receive upon deconstructing it and, more importantly, the stat boost the Mod will provide.

Each rarity level is signified by a different colour and Roman numeral.

Here are the five different rarity levels in Control:

  • Common - Grey - I
  • Uncommon - Turquoise - II
  • Rare - Blue - III
  • Prime - Bronze - IV
  • Absolute - Red - V
Mod rarity levels - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Prime and Absolute.

Deconstructing Mods in Control

You can only hold 24 different Weapon and Personal Mods, so, when you're pockets are getting full, it's time to deconstruct some Mods.

Deconstructing Mods is the only way you can rid yourself of any Unwanted Mods. To deconstruct a Mod: open up the Mod menu, find the Mod you want to deconstruct and then hold down the Deconstruct button, until the Mod is destroyed.

You'll receive 250 Source Energy for deconstructing a rare Mod.

Deconstructing Mods not only cleans up your inventory, but also supplies you with Source Energy, which can be used to make more Mods and new Weapon Forms.

The amount of Source Energy you receive depends on the rarity of the Mod:

  • Common - 50 Source Energy
  • Uncommon - 100 Source Energy
  • Rare - 250 Source Energy
  • Prime - 500 Source Energy
  • Absolute - 1000 Source Energy

List of Personal Mods in Control

Here are all the Personal Mods you can find in Control:

Dodge EfficiencyEvade energy cost decreased
Energy BoostIncreases energy
Energy RecoveryIncreases energy recovery speed
Health RecoveryIncreases the health you recieve from picking up Health Elements
Health BoostIncrease health
Launch EfficiencyLaunch energy cost lowered
Seize AcceleratorIncreases Seize speed
Shield BoostIncrease Shield strength
Shield EfficiencyDescrease Shield cost engery

It’s time to journey into the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. Our Control walkthrough can help you through the storyline missions, including Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Old Boy’s Club, Threshold, My Brother's Keeper, The Face of the Enemy, Finnish Tango, Polaris and Take Control. You can also learn new supernatural powers by completing A Merry Chase, A Good Defence and A Captive Audience. We also have guides on upgrading the Service Weapon, your Abilities, how to use Weapon and Personal Mods, how to unlock every outfit and the solution to the Roulette Wheel puzzle.

List of Weapon Mods in Control:

Below you'll find all the Weapon Mods that can be applied to any Weapon Form in Control:

Accuracy BoostIncreases accuracy
Consecutive Kills BoostIncreases damage after a kill
Damage BoostIncreases damage
Energy RenewalIncreases energy received from headshots
Headshot BoostIncrease damage dealt by headshots
Levitation Ammo EfficiencyDescreases ammo cost while Levitating
Low Health BoostIncrease damage when health low
Rate of Fire BoostIncreases the rate of fire
Reload EfficiencyIncreases reload speed
Weapon Armor DamageIncreases damage against enemy armor

Here are the Weapon Mods that are specific to the Charge Weapon Form:

Charge Blast BloostIncrease blast radius
Charge VelocityIncreases projectile speed

Here are the Weapon Mods that are specific to the Pierce Weapon Form:

Pierce Zoom BoostIncreases the zoom for the pierce weapon form
Pierce Aimed Fire BoostIncreases damage when aiming

Here are the Weapon Mods that are specific to the Shatter Weapon Form:

Shatter Projectile ChockDecreases the spread of a projectile
Shatter Projectile BoostIncrease damage of projectiles fired
Shatter Recoil EfficiencyDecreases recoil

Here is the Weapon Mod that is specific to the Spin Weapon Form:

Spin Rate of Fire BoostIncreases the rate of fire for the spin weapon form

Finally, there is the Weapon Mod that can be used on the Grip, Shatter and Spin Weapon Forms:

Ammo EfficiencyDecreases ammo cost per shot

For more information about Control, check out our Control walkthrough.

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