Giddy action and astonishing art design combine in one of the great locations of modern video games.


Two new Control games in the works

A multiplayer spin-off and "bigger-budget" title.

Epic is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in its war against Steam

Apple wonders whether the EGS will ever be profitable.

Feature | "With great accessibility comes great inclusivity"

The community shaping the future of accessibility in games.

Two new Control games in the works

A multiplayer spin-off and "bigger-budget" title.

Epic is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in its war against Steam

Apple wonders whether the EGS will ever be profitable.

Feature | "With great accessibility comes great inclusivity"

The community shaping the future of accessibility in games.

Jelly Deals | Three months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now just 1

Includes hundreds of games, EA Play, Disney+ and more.

Control DLC - How to start The Foundation DLC and AWE DLC

How to continue Jesse's journey in the Federal Bureau of Control.

Jelly Deals | Here are some of the best offers in the Humble End of Summer Sale

C&C Remastered for 6! A Way Out for 2! Control for 22!

Control publisher refuses to budge despite next-gen upgrade backlash

"We understand that is not what you want to hear."

Jelly Deals | Gamesplanet Summer Sale adds Resident Evil 3 for 25, Sekiro for 30

Day 8 brings the lowest ever price on Capcom's survival horror.

Jelly Deals | Epic Games Store launches a month-long Mega Sale

Plus, claim a 10 voucher to spend on any game over 13.99.

Digital Foundry | Remedy's Control vs DLSS 2.0 - AI upscaling reaches the next level

Opening the door to the full ray traced experience on entry level RTX hardware.

Control developer Remedy inks deal for two more games

One AAA, one smaller, set in the same franchise.

Control - What a Mess Plant locations, Mold locations and how to unlock the Janitor's Assistant Uniform

Mold and plant conversations - it's all a normal working day for the assistant janitor at the Bureau of Control.

Control walkthrough - Guide and tips for completing the main missions

Our walkthrough for Control on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Remedy looking into improving Control console performance

"... these things do take time and don't happen at the press of a button."

Digital Foundry | Control on console is brilliant - as long as you play on the right hardware

Getting to the bottom of the game's reported frame-rate problems.

Control - Weapon Forms list, how to unlock and upgrade Special Weapon Forms

Our page for upgrading and unlocking new Weapon Forms for the Service Weapon in Control.

Control - Weapon Mods and Personal Mods, including Astral Constructs explained

Everything you need to know about Weapon and Personal Mods in Control.

Control - Upgrading Abilities explained, including Milestone Rewards and Ability Points

How to upgrade your various Abilities in Control, including Launch and Seize, and our in-progress Ability Skill Tree.

Control - What a Mess: Burn the Trash and What a Mess: Clear the Clog side missions

How to start your new job as assistant janitor in Control.

Control - A Merry Chase mission, unlocking Evade and Air-Evade powers

Less going round in circles, more like flying through the air.

Alan Wake developer Remedy regains publishing rights

UPDATE: Teases Alan Wake going multiplatform.

Feature | What matters is that somebody cares about the tomato sauce

The little things that show a game is made with love.

Remedy's new game is surreal supernatural shooter Control

Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.