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Control - A Merry Chase mission, unlocking Evade and Air-Evade powers

Less going round in circles, more like flying through the air.

A Merry Chase is the first side mission you'll find in Control. Completing it will unlock the incredibly useful Evade and Air-Evade powers.

You'll first encounter A Merry Chase while trying to lift the Internal Lockdown during the Directorial Override mission, but you can return to complete the mission whenever you want.

Delve into the depths of the Maintenance Sector and find out what's wrong with the Break Room.

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How to start A Merry Chase in Control

A Merry Chase will start automatically during the third mission in Control - Directorial Override - as you explore the Maintenance Sector.

As you approach the Janitor's Office, Jesse will notice a weird light coming from the break room opposite. You can choose to investigate the light straight away or come back later on.

The not at all sinister Maintenance Sector break room.

Investigate the strange light in the Break Room in Control

If you've decided to complete A Merry Chase later on during the game, then the quickest way to reach the Break Room in the Maintenance Sector is to fast travel via the Control Points to the NSC Power Plant.

You can then follow the path you originally took to the Janitor's Office - head through the double doors opposite the Power Plant and use the lift. Go through the Janitor's Office and you'll find the Break Room on the opposite side of the corridor.

Head through the double doors into Ventilation.

It's the room with the flashing red light - you can't miss it.

Walk into the Break Room and the floor with collapse from beneath you.

Cleanse the Merry-Go-Round Horse Object of Power in Control

You'll arrive in a large chamber with rotating walls. Run and jump your way along the path, until you reach the Merry-Go-Round Horse.

When you do, cleanse the Merry-Go-Round Horse.

How to complete the Evade and Air-Evade tutorial in Control

Cleansing the Merry-Go-Round Horse will return you to the Astral Plane

Use Evade while moving forward to get through the moving walls.

Next, use Air-Evade to cross the gaps. Don't be worried if you have to use multiple times to cross the gaps.

Reaching the next platform will bring you to a gap and a moving wall. A well time Air-Evade will safely send you to the other side.

When you reach the other side, you'll be introduced to gold enemies.

These are immune to your attacks, so don't waste any ammunition on them. Instead, use your new Evade ability to dodge their grenades.

Run, while evading attacks, to the opposite side of the platform, where a walkway will appear for you.

The Board will tell you that Jesse and the Merry-Go-Round Horse are now bonded for life and interacting with the line of floating squares will return you to the rotating corridor.

Use your new Air-Evade ability to make your way across the gaps and platforms, until you reach the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Once you reach it, the floor will fall out from beneath you again, returning you to the Break Room.

Make sure you open the chest by the fridge while you're there.

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Rewards for completing A Merry Chase in Control

For completing A Merry Chase, you'll be rewarded with:

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