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Control - Outfits: how to unlock every outfit, including the Golden Suit and the Candidate P7 outfit

Defeat the Hiss in style.

Jesse can wear a range of outfits as she battles the Hiss in Control. This includes the Golden Suit and the Candidate P7 outfit, which looks like a pyjama set.

Some of the outfits, like the Director's Suit, are unlocked by completing story missions, but others, like the Golden Suit, can be found by exploring the Federal Bureau of Control.

We've also included the outfits that were pre-order and launch day exclusives.

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How to change your outfit in Control

You can only change Jesse's look at the Central Executive Control Point.

Once you're there, open up the Control Point menu and head down to the Outfit option.

This will open up the outfit menu, allowing you to see which outfits you've unlocked and how Jesse looks in them.

How to unlock the Asynchronous Suit in Control

You can unlock the Asynchronous Suit by completing the side mission, Self-Reflection.

How to unlock the Director's Suit in Control

Alongside the Office Assistant Outfit, the Director's Suit is unlocked when complete the last mission in Control - Take Control.

How to unlock the Golden Suit in Control

To unlock the Golden Suit you need to solve the Roulette Wheel puzzle in the Luck and Probability Department.

How to unlock the Janitor's Assistant Uniform in Control

The Janitor's Assistant Uniform is unlocked by completing all of Ahti the Janitor's tasks for you.

The What a Mess missionline will have you burning trash in the furnace and talking to plants, all in the name of helping Ahti go on his holiday.

How to unlock the Candidate P7 Outfit in Control

You can the Candidate P7 Outfit during, or after, The Face of the Enemy - the seventh mission in Control.

In this mission, you'll be tasked with journeying through the Prime Candidate Program.

In this department, you'll find a room labelled P7. Head inside and interact with the open cupboard found, to the left, just before the white board.

Look in this cupboard.

Doing so will unlock the Candidate P7 outfit.

How to unlock the Office Assistant Outfit in Control

Alongside the Director's Suit, the Office Assistant Outfit is unlocked when you complete the last mission in Control - Take Control.

How to unlock the Expedition Gear in Control

If you want to unlock the Expedition Gear in Control, then you need to complete a Tier 3 Expedition.

This done by using the Jukebox in Central Executive and completing both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Expedition first.

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What were the pre-order and launch day exclusive outfits in Control?

Control has three outfits that were pre-order and launch day exclusives.

If you pre-ordered Control for PS4, Xbox One or PC, then you would have received the Tactical Response Gear.

Tactical Response Gear on the left. Urban Response Gear and Astral Dive Suit on the right.

There were also two launch day exclusive outfits for players for brought Control for the PS4. These were the Astral Dive Suit and the Urban Response Gear.

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