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Control - Luck and Probability: How to solve the Roulette Wheel puzzle

Have a lucky spin - get a Golden Suit.

The Luck and Probability department can be found in the Research Sector of the Federal Bureau of Control. If you solve the Roulette Wheel puzzle inside, then you have the chance to unlock one of the many outfits Jesse can wear in Control - the Golden Suit.

First, however, you need to learn how to manipulate your luck to make the roulette ball land on lucky number 7.

Failure will result in exploding fire extinguishers and a test of the sprinkler system.

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How to find the Luck and Probability department in Control

To unlock the Golden Suit, you must first have access to the Clearance Level 5 section of the Luck and Probability department.

You'll find a Clearance Level 5 card during Threshold, the sixth mission of Control.

You can then travel to the Luck and Probability Department in the Research Sector. This is where you originally met Marshall during Old Boy's Club, the fourth mission of Control.

The quickest way to reach the Luck and Probability Department is to fast travel to Central Research in the Research Sector and then enter through the nearby double doors.

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How to solve the Roulette Wheel puzzle in Control

Go through the Clearance Level 5 door you find inside the Luck and Probability department. Inside you'll find a Roulette Wheel.

If you want to unlock the Golden Suit, you must manipulate your luck to ensure that the Roulette Wheel will land on 7.

To take control of your luck, follow the steps below.

Firstly, turn on all four lamps in the room with the Roulette Wheel.

Next head back into the previous room and make sure that the horseshoe is pointing upwards. You will also want to make sure that both of the Newton cradles are still.

The horseshoe should look like this.

Now make sure that the luck cat statue is waving and pick the four-leaf clover. You'll want to go and plant the clover in the pot near the roulette wheel.

Place the clover in this pot.

Finally, bring the golden fish statue into the roulette wheel room using Launch and place it on the red carpet. If you're having problems getting the fish where you want, you can always kick it along the floor with your feet.

Place the fish near the roulette table.

Before you spin the roulette wheel, you should check to make sure that the chips are on number 7. If they are - it's time to spin the roulette wheel.

Check that the chips are on number 7.

Spin the wheel and immediately get off the red carpet or it will decrease your luck.

Watch the television monitor spin through the numbers and, if you've followed the steps correctly, the wheel will land on lucky number 7. This will unlock the Golden Suit.

You'll know if the ball landed on the wrong number, because a fire extinguisher will most likely explode.

If you're having trouble with this puzzle try moving the golden fish closer to you and make sure that you're not standing on the red carpet.

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