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Control walkthrough - Guide and tips for completing the main missions

Our walkthrough for Control on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Control is the latest supernatural thriller for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

You join Jesse Faden as she enters the mysteriously sinister Federal Bureau of Control in search for her younger brother, Dylan. The Bureau, however, is under attack from a force only known as the Hiss, whose motives are unknown.

Jesse finds herself taking on the position of Director - the Head of Federal Bureau of Control. This makes her the only person who can stop the Hiss and she's not even getting paid.

Our Control walkthrough will soon provide a step-by-step guide to completely the main missions, as well as side mission and other useful guides.

We've also included some useful tips and tricks to help you on your journey through the Oldest House.

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Control Walkthrough

Control is divided up into a series of main missions.

Each mission will take you to a new area in the Oldest House, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, as you try to stop the Hiss and find Dylan. Both the Hiss and a variety of puzzles, however, will try to stop you in your tracks.

The guides below will take you through each mission, explaining how to solve tricky puzzles and defeat the difficult Hiss.

We've also included the location of the various collectables you can discover in your travels through the Oldest House. These range from employee complaints to science presentations, with each one giving you an insight to life at the Bureau.

Be warned, however, these guides do contain spoilers.

Control - Introduction

Control - Unknown Caller

Control - Directorial Override

Control - Old Boy's Club

Control - Threshold

Control - My Brother's Keeper

Control - The Face of the Enemy

Control - Finnish Tango

Control - Polaris

Control - Final Mission

Control DLC Guides

Control has two DLC expansions - The Foundation and AWE - for those who want to delve deeper into the Oldest House.

Each DLC adventure has a different starting requirement, which you must meet if you want to explore either The Foundation or the Investigations Sector. To discover what these requirements are, along with some tips on downloading the Control DLC expansions, check out our guide below:

The DLC expansions are structed in the same manner as the main story campaign for Control, with a set of main missions and a number of side missions. There's also new collectables hidden within each DLC and we've included the locations of the ones we found to help you complete your set.

Below you can find a walkthrough for the The Foundation DLC, which will take you through each of its main missions. Be warned, however, these guides do contain spoilers for The Foundation DLC, so read at your own risk.

The Foundation DLC - The Foundation

The Foundation DLC - The Nail

The Foundation DLC - The Pyramid

Below you can find our walkthrough for the AWE DLC, which will take you through each of the main mission. Beware that all of these guides contain spoilers for the AWE DLC, so read at your own risk.

AWE DLC - A Dark Place

AWE DLC - The Third Thing

Eagle Limited AWE area:

Fra Mauro AWE area:

AWE DLC - It's Happening Again

Control Side Missions Guides

As you transverse the weird world of the Oldest House, you'll come across other oddities aside from your main mission to find Dylan.

This could be anything from tackling rogue Object of Power to helping out Ahti, the completely normal, janitor. Ahti thinks you're his new assistant and he doesn't want to miss his holiday, so you might as well do as he asks.

These guides do contain spoilers.

Objects of Powers Side Missions:

Ahti the Janitor Side Missions:

Missions started in the Executive Sector:

Missions started in the Containment Sector:

Other Control Guides

As you journey through the Oldest House, you'll encounter a range of oddities aside from the Hiss. If you want to survive, then you need to make sure you're at the top of your supernatural game.

Below you'll find a list of guides that will help you destroy the Hiss and the other dark denizens of the Oldest House:

Control Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you traverse the Oldest House:

  • Don't forget to upgrade Jesse! After completing a Mission you'll be given a number of Abilities points. You can use these to upgrade Jesse's health and various powers. You can do this at the Control Point in Central Executive.
  • Always stay on the move in combat. Combat in Control is fast and, if you get stuck in a corner, you can find yourself dead very quickly. For this reason, it's a good idea to stay on the move, dodging bullets and throwing chairs at enemy Hiss.
  • Deconstruct any unwanted mods. Deconstructing unwanted Personal and Weapon Mods will supply you with a small amount of Source Energy. You can then use this Source Energy to build new Weapon Forms for your Service Weapon to help you take out the Hiss.
  • Collect as many collectables as you can. The Oldest House is full of collectables for you to find. Some are small easter eggs, others hint at dark events in the Bureau's past and a few will unlock new Side Missions for you to complete.
  • Set Board Countermeasures. Board Countermeasures are additional little tasks for you to complete as you battle Hiss. A countermeasure can be anything from getting a certain number of headshots or killing a specific enemy. Completing countermeasures will reward you with a range of Weapon and Personal Mods.
  • Find new Objects of Power. Objects of Powers are what give Jesse her supernatural powers. You'll find some Objects of Power, like the Floppy Disk, as part of the main storyline, while others are hidden away in Side Missions. Try to find as many Objects of Power as you can to increase Jesse's ability list.
  • Always use Personal and Weapon Mods. Personal and Weapon Mods provide you with a variety of boosts - from extra health to increase reload speed. A well chosen Mod could be the difference between winning or losing a battle. So always make sure you stay on top of your Mods!

Good luck in the Oldest House!

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