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Control - Finnish Tango: Following Ahti’s visions to the Restricted Area in the Maintenance Sector

Ahti has gone on his holiday, but we need his help...

Finnish Tango is the eighth mission in Control. Once again you need to track Ahti the Janitor down for help. To do this you must follow Ahti's visions to the Restricted Area in the Maintenance Sector.

The Slide Projector has been moved from the Ordinary AWE to the Dimensional Research department in the Research Sector. To reach this department you need to traverse the Ashtray Maze.

The maze, however, is broken. Somehow.

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Search for the Slide Projector in Dimensional Research in Finnish Tango in Control

The very first moments of Finnish Tango see you being attacked by Hiss Forces. Run out of the lab and take them out.

When the dump is cleared of Hiss, you can press the red button, found to the left of Darling's Lab, to open the door back to the Turntable. From there you can easily reach the Turntable Control Point and fast travel to Central Research - the closet Control Point to the Ashtray Maze.

You can take this time to upgrade your Abilities and your Weapon Forms if you want to.

If you take the time to visit Central Executive, you can start the Mr. Tommasi mission by talking to Emily Pope.

Head back to the Turntable Control Point.

The quickest way to reach the Ashtray Maze is to fast travel to Central Research in the Research sector. From there you can use Levitate to make your way to the top floor of Central Research, taking out any attacking Hiss forces along the way. The entrance to the Ashtray Maze is next to Dr. Darling's office on the top floor.

Head through the entrance to Dimensional Research and across the Firebreak to the Ashtray Maze.

Collectables to be found:

  • Hotline - Trench - Ashtray Maze
    • (Receive upon entering the Firebreak before the Ashtray Maze.)

Find Ahti the Janitor in Control

Apparently the Ashtray Maze is broken, which definitely a thing normal mazes can do. Ahti apparently knows what to do though.

Cleanse the Control Point to the right of the entrance, then use it to fast travel to the NSC Power Plant in the Maintenance Sector.

Go through the double doors directly opposite the Control Point and use the lift to reach the Janitors Office.

Search the Janitor's Office for information on Ahti's whereabouts in Control

Upon entering the Janitor's Office, you'll be surprised to find no Ahti. Still, we need to talk to him.

Check out the painting on the wall - I don't think there was a man in it the first time we visited.

Follow Ahti's visions in Control

Touching the painting will open up a new corridor - go through the door at the end.

If you're having trouble with this section listen for the sound of Ahti's singing and look for the orange-like mist.

You'll find yourself in the NSC Coolant Pump pipework. Kill the Hiss Guards that attack you and then head through the passageway you'll find in the north-western corner of the room. It will bring you to a series of broken Firebreak bridges.

Use Levitate to float down to the non-broken Firebreak bridge and then head towards the orange glow.

You'll find yourself in an office space with a Control Point for you to cleanse. Head down the corridor and unlock the door.

The moment you go through this door you'll be attacked by a horde of fungus infested people. The best way to tackle this fight is to head back into the previous corridor and use this position to take your enemies out one at a time.

In the middle of this room there is also a type of fungus that will shoot poison at you, which can kill you in four or five hits. If you've completed Old Growth, then you might already know the best method for killing these creatures.

If not, then the ideal way is to hold up your Shield, unlocked by completing A Good Defence, when they shoot purple poison. After the poison hits, drop your Shield and hit them with the Service Weapon, until they're dead.

Use a combination of your Shield and Service Weapon to defeat these monsters.

Once the area of cleared of living fungus you can make your way around the edge of the room using the walkways and Levitate.

There is a chest on the platform hanging in the middle of the room. If you fall, when trying to reach it, then the quickest way back to this area is to head to the tunnel area before the NSC Coolant Pump and then Levitate through the hole in the wall.

This will bring you right to the light switch for the Oceanview Motel. Looks like it's time to check into the motel again by pulling that light switch three times.

Collectables to be found:

  • Correspondence - Non-Official - Furnace Complaint
    • (In the office area found after Levitating down to the non-broken Firebreak and going through the stone doors.)
The location of the collectable - Furnace Complaint.

Traverse the Oceanview Motel in Control

By now you should know what to do - head up to the main desk and ring the bell.

The first time you ring the bell, it will open the door to room 222, but having than a nice bedroom, you'll find The Clog. Since you can't use your Service Weapon in the Oceanview Motel, there's nothing you can about The Clog.


Ring the bell again to open room 224. Visit the room and turn on the radios you find inside.

Ring the bell a third time to open room 226 and turn on the two radios you find in there too.

This will kill The Clog in room 222, so ring the bell again to access this room and pick up the key you find inside.

This isn't a key for the Black Pyramid door, however, instead it will open the Janitor's office in the motel lobby. Go inside and pull the light switch three times.

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Reaching the Restricted Area in the Maintenance Sector in Control

You'll find yourself in a restricted area of the Black Stone quarry. Cleanse the Control Point and then unlock the door.

Run along the top edge of the quarry, to your left, to reach the next orange glow.

Past this glow you'll find an elevator shaft. Drop down it, using Levitate to catch yourself, so you don't die and you'll find yourself in the Restricted Area.

Head into the office area and kill the Hiss Guard waiting for you. Once its gone, press the big red button. Doing this will summon a large horde of Hiss forces to attack you, including multiple Hiss Warped and Hiss Rangers. This means lots of flying rocks and rockets.

When you've killed all the Hiss, follow the sounds of Ahti's music and get into the elevator chart. Press the button to go into the mists of the Restricted Area.

Welcome to Nowhere.

Head down the stairs and run towards the white light.

Ahti will appear and give you this cassette player, apparently this will take you through the Ashtray Maze.

With this Finnish Tango will end and the ninth mission of Control, Polaris, will begin.

Collectables to be found:

  • Case Files - Altered World Events - Albany Summary
    • (Next to the Control Point in the Maintenance Restricted Area of the Black Stone Quarry.)
  • Case Files - Altered World Events - Albany Supplement
    • (On a counter in the office area in the Maintenance Sector Restricted Area.)
  • Multimedia - Music - Sankarin Tango (Hero's Tango)
    • (Receive upon reaching Nowhere.)
  • Hotline - Board - Foundation
    • (Receive upon completing Finnish Tango.)
The location of the collectables - Albany Summary and Albany Supplement.

When you're ready it's time to head to the Ashtray maze in Polaris.