Finding the Fortnite letters is the objective of one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges.

Completing it will give you additional XP to help go towards your many Season 4 rewards. Note you'll need to be a Battle Pass holder in order to undertake this challenge.

If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.

How the Fortnite Letters works

For the Week 1 Challenges, you are tasked with the following:

  • Search F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E Letters (1 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Another challenge from this week is the Fortnite Tomato Town treasure map location.

What this means is across the map, there are a variety of floating letters to be found.


Unlike visiting locations in previous challenges, these are literal letters floating in the air - akin to collectables you might find in other games.

The first letter you come across, no matter the location, will be F. The second - again, wherever you come across it - will be O, then R and so on.

Once you find a letter, interact with it to pick it up and progress to the next letter. Once you have found all eight, the challenge has been completed.

As with other challenges, you must do these as you play matches - you cannot enter the map without other players - so you'll have to avoid combat encounters as you attempt to find each location.

However, you can pick up letters how you like - in one go, or across matches - it doesn't matter, as long as you eventually get them all.


New Fortnite player with the arrival of the Switch version? Our Fortnite tips and tricks can help get you up to speed before you dive into picking apart Fortnite Season 4 and the latest Fortnite Challenges, including Fortnite Pleasant Park treasure map location and the Fortnite pitch locations. Elsewhere, you can read how to play Fortnite mobile and get the best Fortnite settings.

Fortnite letter locations: Where are all the letters in Fortnite?

Though you need a total of eight letters, the good news is there are more letters than you need, so you won't have to search too hard to complete the set.

Here are some Fornite letters found so far - many of them dotted around new Fortnite map changes:

  • Anarchy Acres - Above the weathervane on top of the barn in the centre-south of the town
  • Dusty Divot - On top of power line on the eastern edge of the crater
  • Greasy Grove - In the children's playground in the north-west
  • Haunted Hills - Hovering above the graveyard
  • Moisty Mire - Find the helicopter in the south-east, and it's on the log next to it
  • Pleasant Park - On the roof in the centre building
  • 'Race course' (unnamed area to the east) - Go west of the race course and find a lone hut, and it's on the roof
  • Risky Reels - Above the giant destroyed projector screen to the south
  • Tilted Towers - On top of the tall tower in the south-west
This one is found on the eastern edge of Dusty Divot.

It appears that most letters are in high places, or even in the air, requiring you to build a staircase to lead up to it. Make sure you're knocking down walls with your pickaxe to get the resources you need to reach them - or simply glide to them at the start of a match.


Remember that, no matter how many letters you find in a match, you must go on to complete that match for it to contribute towards your challenge.

Quitting the match as soon as you collect it won't work, so make sure you keep going.

Already done? There are plenty of other Challenges to take on this week - including the Tomato Town treasure map location - so keep playing!

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