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You can now buy Brie Larson's Fortnite loadout

And it's not Captain Marvel.

You can, of course, be Captain Marvel in Fortnite - but that's not who Brie Larson picked for her new purchasable locker loadout.

On the contrary, Brie Larson is clearly someone with taste when it comes to Fortnite characters - and so she picked her favourite skin, Bushranger, to be offered in a cut-price bundle with an array of associated accessories.

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Bushranger, a kind of anthropomorphic shrub with styles for every season, has also received an additional in-game style. It's been designed specifically for Brie Larson in honour of her Fortnite squad actually being named the Bush Babies. Brie Larson really does love Bushranger.

Detail on the new style includes a Bush Babies necklace and a string of mushrooms - IRL, Brie Larson also really loves mushrooms.

If you have Bushranger already - which if you play Fortnite you certainly should - you'll get the new in-game style for free. And if you already have parts of his new bundle, the whole thing may be close to free to get the rest.

Bushranger. Not Brie Larson.

As ever, there's plenty going on in Fortnite land. Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy turns up tonight, with the horrifying Princess Fishstick close behind. This week's 16.20 update also brought new weapons and "Chonkers" off-road tires, which you can either throw onto cars to take them off-road or throw at enemies to make them bounce away. Oh and Sony just gave Epic another $200m to stay best friends, as Epic Games continues its path to the metaverse.

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