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Wuthering Waves Pre-Download date and times

Including how to pre-dowload Wuthering Waves.

wuthering waves countdown promo art of jianxin
Image credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play action RPG gacha game from Kuro Games. It also contains open-world parts that allow you to explore, collect loot, and immerse yourself in the story unfolding around you.

With the official release date for Wuthering Waves arriving soon, you'll also be able to start preparing for it by doing a pre-download.

Without further ado, here are the Wuthering Waves pre-download date and times for your region, and how to pre-download Wuthering Waves on PC and mobile.

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Wuthering Waves Global Launch Trailer | WAKING OF A WORLD.Watch on YouTube

Wuthering Waves pre-download date and time

You can pre-download Wuthering Waves from the official Wuthering Waves website, the Epic Games store, or on the iOS and Android stores from Tuesday, 21st May 2024 at 11am BST. That means it's available now!

If this isn't your region, then you can find other timezones listed below. All release times are on the same date:

  • CEST - 12pm
  • ET - 6am
  • PT - 3am
  • CT - 5am
  • AET - 8pm
  • JST - 7pm

If you're going to do a pre-download, we've got a page explaining the PC Requirements for Wuthering Waves.

wuthering waves predownload announcement showing the date to be 3am on may 21st
Image credit: Kuro Games

How to pre-download Wuthering Waves on mobile

As long as you have the required space, pre-downloading Wuthering Waves on mobile is easy. All you have to do is search for 'Wuthering Waves' on the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on where you're playing, then click 'Install'.

If you wishlisted Wuthering Waves, you might find that it's already downloaded on your phone, but remember to open the app to pre-download a few GBs of content before Wuthering Waves' release date to speed things along on launch day.

The male and female Rover main character of Wuthering Waves with the sword brandished below their faces.
Image credit: Kuro Games

How to pre-download Wuthering Waves on PC

To pre-download Wuthering Waves on PC you can either visit the official Wuthering Waves website, or download from the Epic Games store.

If downloading from the official website, click the 'Windows' button on the bottom of the front page and your download should automatically start. Double click on the Wuthering Waves launcher when it downloads, then select 'Install' on the bottom right-hand corner of the launcher. As long as you have 18GB free, your download will start - however keep in mind that you will need more memory than this to play Wuthering Waves, as there are additional downloads after you launch the game.

Cropped promotional artwork for Wuthering Waveswith the female Rover and Sanhua with mountains and buildings in the background, under a blue sky.
Image credit: Kuro Games

If you want to download Wuthering Waves through the Epic Games store instead, then open the Epic Games Launcher on your PC, search for Wuthering Waves, click the blue 'Get' button, then select 'Install' from the Wuthering Waves application in your library.

We recommend launching Wuthering Waves before its release date, as you can pre-download a few GBs of content and log in to your account to prepare for launch day.

Pre-download errors

As sourced from the official pre-download FAQ, if you encounter errors while trying to pre-download Wuthering Waves on PC, here's how to fix them:

The Game won't run after installation. A prompt says: 'vcruntime140_1dll was not found'.

Reinstall the Launcher and download it again. If this happens repeatedly, download this file if you get the error when installing the launcher, or download this file if you get an error while running the launcher. Install the required program, then reinstall the launcher one last time.

The screen goes blank after starting the game, and if a pop-up is clicked, the message 'Program not responding' is displayed.

Try these solutions:

  • Check if your device meets the system requirements.
  • Add the game to your malware protection programs' whitelists, then restart the game.
  • Shut down the program and restart the game.
  • Find launcher.exe in the game's installation directory. Right click -> Properties -> Compatibility Tab -> Check the box that says 'Run this program in compatibility mode'-> Apply and OK. Then restart the game.
  • Update your graphics drivers to the latest version, then restart the game.
  • Click on the 'Repair' button in the top right corner to verify and repair the game's files.

If none of these fixes work, you'll have to contact Kuro Games' customer service at

Your malware protection program says 'dll files being modified' during the download.

If your anti-malware blocks the download, try dismissing the prompt or temporarily disabling your protection to re-download the game safely.

The game crashes or exits immediately after starting up.

Try clicking on the 'Repair' button in the upper right corner of the launcher to repair the files. This might take a while.

The launcher indicates 'Repair Complete', but the game still crashes or exits immediately after starting up.

Restart your computer and try repairing it again. If this issue persists, you'll need to contact Kuro Games' customer service at

That's it for now! If you're looking for more help, check out our page showing you how to pre-register and our page explaining the pre-registration rewards.

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