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Wuthering Waves developer apologises for launch issues

UPDATE: Improvement plans detailed.

Artwork of Wuthering Waves showing multiple anime characters in dramatic poses
Image credit: Kuro Games

UPDATE 5PM UK: Wuthering Waves developer Kuro Games has detailed its improvement plan for the game following a shaky launch.

Major improvements include redesigning the skip function and increasing the number of skippable scenes, plus optimising combat with better controller use and feedback. These points and more are outlined in a new blog post.

As further compensation for the disruption, players will be given ten Radiant Tides for gacha pulls, as well as a free custom 5-Star Standard Resonator voucher.

ORIGINAL STORY 11AM UK: The developer behind new gacha adventure Wuthering Waves has apologised for the number of bugs and lag issues at launch.

The game launched worldwide yesterday (UK time) but has already seen multiple hotfixes, the latest of which forced an uninstall and reinstall of the game, Eurogamer can confirm.

An English post on X from Chinese developer Kuro Games has acknowledged the situation and promised players compensation of ten Lustrous Tides - essentially gacha pulls for new characters and weapons. Further, a BiliBili post in Chinese includes a fully apology.

Wuthering Waves Global Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

"We have identified some issues that have impacted your gaming experience and are now actively working on solutions," wrote the developer. "We are committed to constant self-reflection and improvement, with your satisfaction as our top priority. We are incredibly grateful for your understanding and patience during our recent technical issues."

Further, a news post on the game's website details a list of known issues. That includes a login timeout issue that's supposedly been fixed, issues of age authentication in certain areas, and needing to repeatedly log in when the game client is relaunched on PC.

The post also acknowledges localisation quality and performance issues. "We have received feedback regarding the localisation quality of the game," it reads. "Ensuring high-quality localisation has always been a priority for us, and we are fully committed to improving it. Currently, our team is endeavouring to continuously rectify and optimise the localised texts to provide an enjoyable experience for Rovers everywhere. Fixes to some of the known issues with the current localised texts will be included in the patches to be released soon."

It continues: "Please rest assured that we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our players, and we take performance concerns seriously. In future updates, we will continue to optimise the game's performance to improve your gaming experience."

In the meantime, fans have been sharing posts on the game's subreddit to show the current state of the game, including the below lag issues.

Dis game kinda hard..
byu/Jonkfu_Two inWutheringWaves

For the unaware, Wuthering Waves is a new free-to-play open world action-RPG with gacha. It's set in a futuristic post-apocalypse and features real-time action combat, as well as voice talent from Final Fantasy, Baldur's Gate 3 and more.

If you're getting started, check out our guide to Wuthering Waves Banners to pull for characters and weapons.

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