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Wuthering Waves Jinhsi materials and Resonance Chain

Ascension and Forte materials for Jinhsi.

Character portrait of Jinhsi from Wuthering Waves on a mustard background with a cream stripe running through the middle.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Kuro Games

Jinhsi is a 5-Star Spectro character that debuted in Wuthering Waves during version 1.1.

While Jinhsi is featured as the boosted 5-Star character on her Banner in version 1.1, she will eventually return to Wuthering Waves at some point in the future when the Banner schedule cycles back to her.

To prepare for when you do get her, we've listed Jinhsi's Ascension materials and Forte materials so you can level her up to her full potential right away. To understand how you might play her, we've also detailed Jinhsi's kit and Resonance Chain.

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Jinhsi's kit

Jinhsi is a 5-Star Spectro character who uses a broadblade.

Keeping in mind that all of the percentages mentioned below are based on Level 1 Skills, here's a very brief summary of Jinhsi's kit in Wuthering Waves:

Cropped portrait of Jinhsi from Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: Kuro Games
  • Rarity: 5-Star.
  • Element: Spectro.
  • Weapon: Broadblade.
  • Basic Attack: Slash of Breaking Dawn.
  • Forte Circuit: Luminal Synthesis.
  • Resonance Skill: Trailing Lights of Eons.
  • Resonance Liberation: Purge of Light.
  • Intro Skill: Loong's Halo - Jinhsi attacks the target with Spectro damage.
  • Outro Skill: Temporal Bender - With the power of homologous with the Sentinel, Jinhsi reduces the cooldown of Eras in Unity to one second. This lasts for one second.
  • Inherent Skill one: Radiant Surge - Jinhsi's Spectro damage bonus is increased by 20%.
  • Inherent Skill two: Converged Flash - Jinhsi Intro Skill gains 50% additional damage.

Jinhsi builds Incandescence as part of her Forte Skill, holding a maximum of 50 Incandescence. When she is on the team, all nearby characters on the team gain Eras in Unity, and when characters with Eras in Unity deal damage with an attribute, Jinhsi gains one Incandescence. Damage of the same attribute can provide up to one Incandescence every three seconds.

Wuthering Waves Jinhsi Forte materials

Menu view of the Sentinel's Dagger material in Wuthering Waves.
Sentinel's Dagger. | Image credit: Kuro Games

To get the most out of using Jinhsi, you will have to unlock and level up her various Skill trees by using Forte materials, which vary from character-to-character.

You'll need to farm a lot of Sentinel's Dagger, Howler Core, and Waveworn Residue materials to fully upgrade Jinhsi's capabilities.

In total, here's all of the Forte materials you need for Jinhsi:

  • x25 LF Howler Core
  • x28 MF Howler Core
  • x40 HF Howler Core
  • x57 FF Howler Core
  • x25 Waveworn Residue 210
  • x28 Waveworn Residue 226
  • x55 Waveworn Residue 235
  • x67 Waveworn Residue 239
  • x26 Sentinel's Dagger
  • 20.3 million Shell Credits

Wuthering Waves Jinhsi Ascension materials

Menu view of the Gloom Sligh material in Wuthering Waves.
Loong's Pearl. | Image credit: Kuro Games

Just like Fortes, you need to use Jinhsi Ascension materials to upgrade her raw stats and get her to level 90, and the higher Jinhsi's Ascension level, the more you can invest in her Fortes.

You'll need to farm a lot of Loong's Pearl, Elegy Tacet Core, and Howler Core materials for Jinhsi to level her up and fully upgrade her capabilities.

In total, here's all the Ascension Materials you need for Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves:

  • x4 LF Howler Core
  • x12 MF Howler Core
  • x12 HF Howler Core
  • x4 FF Howler Core
  • x46 Elegy Tacet Core
  • x60 Loong's Pearl
  • 170,000 Shell Credits

Wuthering Waves Jinhsi Resonance Chain

By getting duplicates of Jinhsi from pulling her on Banners, you will receive her Wavebands, and you can also purchase a few Wavebands from the in-game shop. Wavebands are an important item, as they allow you to unlock Resonance Chain levels, with each level either improving an existing Skill or passive ability.

Drip marketing for Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves showing her character art and a quote from her.
Image credit: Kuro Games

Here's Jinhsi's Resonance Chain in Wuthering Waves:

  • Abyssal Ascension (RC1): When Jinhsi uses her 'Incarnation' basic attack or 'Crescent Divinity' Resonance Skill, one stack of Herald of Revival is gained, which can stack up to four times and last for six seconds. Additionally, when using the 'Illuminous Epiphany' Resonance Skill, Jinhsi consumes all stacks of Herald of Revival, with each stack increasing the damage of Illuminous Epiphany by 20%.
  • Chronofrost Repose (RC2): Jinhsi recovers 50 Incandescence while staying out of combat for more than four seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every four seconds.
  • Celestial Incarnate (RC3): Jinhsi gains 25% Incandescence and a stack of Immortal's Descendancy after using her Intro Skill. Every stack of Immortal's Descendancy increases attack by two, up to 20 stacks, lasting for three seconds.
  • Benevolent Grace (RC4): When casting her 'Purge of Light' Resonance Liberation or 'Illuminous Epiphany' Resonance Skill, all nearby characters on the team gain a 20% damage bonus to all attributes for 20 seconds.
  • Frostfire Illumination (RC5): The damage multiplier of Jinhsi's 'Purge of Evil' Resonance Liberation is increased by 120%.
  • Comes Spring when Chill Exhausts (RC6): The damage multiplier for Jinhsi's 'Illuminous Epiphany' Resonance Skill is increased by 45%, and the multiplier increase gained by Incandescence is increased by an additional 71%.

Good luck levelling up Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves!

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