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Where to find Redcrest locations in Genshin Impact

Duney fruity.

Redcrest is a fruit that can be found growing in even the most hostile of desert environments of Sumeru, and is an important material resource for ascending some characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.1 introduced polearm-wielding four-star Hydro character Candace;. Redcrest is one of her ascension materials, so you’ll want to collect these desert fruits in order to increase her power.

This guide covers everything you need to know about how you can use Redcrest and where to find Redcrest.

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Version 3.1 'King Deshret and the Three Magi' Trailer | Genshin Impact

What is Redcrest used for in Genshin Impact?

Redcrest is a fruit, and as the name implies, it has a vibrant crimson colour that makes it easy to spot, especially among the vast yellow sands of the desert region in Sumeru. To make it easier to find, this fruit also only grows on cacti.

You can just walk up to a Redcrest and interact with it to pick it up, although you may sometimes have to climb up taller cacti to collect it. You’ll also often find multiple Redcrests growing in one location, which is even better when on a farming run.

Currently, the only use for Redcrests are to ascend Candace, and you’ll need 168 Redcrests in total to fully ascend this four-star Hydro character to Level 90.

Version 4.5 with Chiori is nearly here, but in the mean time duringVersion 4.4, you can unlock the Rainjade Oblation for rewards. If you're still exploring the Hydro nation, our Fontaine guide can help with Fontaine's Reputation and the Fountain of Lucine, and you can also redeem new codes for Primogems, and check out our regularly updated tier list. You need luck from the Pity and 50/50 systems to Wish with Fate for characters on Banners, and you always need the right Adventure Rank for events. Elsewhere, we have tips and tricks for beginners, and Dendroculus locations.

Where to find Redcrest in Genshin Impact

Redcrests are found exclusively in the desert region west of Sumeru, which became available in Genshin Impact’s 3.1 update. The desert is, however, lacking as many landmarks as the forest region, so it’s best to refer to the included screenshots where we have marked Redcrest locations.

Starting at the first Statue of the Seven at the entrance to Aaru Village - head just to the right of the bridge leading into the village, there you can drop down to an area with three Redcrests growing on a group of cacti. Then back at the statue, turn around and head up an incline that leads you on a path around the village outskirts. On this path you’ll find one Redcrest near the start and another as you continue around.

Continue along this path and you’ll pass a teleport waypoint, then reach a rocky underpass, where you’ll also find two Redcrests. Continue further down this path and there’s another Redcrest in the distance you can glide over to.

If you return to the teleport waypoint you passed, there are more Redcrests you can reach just to the southwest and west of Dar al-Shifa. Three Redcrests can be found growing on cacti in a small ravine to the left of the waypoint. Climb above this ravine and you’ll find one Redcrest above, while, if you head east from here, you’ll find some cacti with another Redcrest to pick up.

From the teleport waypoint south of Dar al-Shifa, head east and cross the sands to find one Redcrest. Now head back to that waypoint and drop down below to find one Redcrest, then continue south to come across another cactus that you’ll need to climb up to collect another Redcrest.

Then from the teleport waypoint southwest of Dar al-Shifa, look east and you’ll see some cacti, but, if you head over the rocks nearby, you’ll find more cacti just behind it with two Redcrests growing. Now head south and drop down to the ground below to find a cactus with one Redcrest and, if you continue along this cliff side, you’ll find another cactus with two Redcrests.

Next, from the teleport waypoint south of Sobek Oasis, head southeast up an incline to find a spot of cacti with three Redcrests, as well as some fungi enemies. From the same waypoint you can glide down the cliffside southwest past a lot of ore mining spots to reach some trees and cacti. A Redcrest can be picked up by climbing one of the cacti.

From another teleport waypoint further south of the previous waypoint, head southeast and you’ll find two Redcrests growing on a tall cactus - thankfully they’re growing at its base. From here, head northeast and glide down until you pass over a red tree, before seeing another red tree and cactus together. Drop down to this cactus and you can pick up two Redcrests.

From the teleport waypoint in the most southerly part of the map, head northwest and cross the sands and you’ll eventually reach a group of cacti and two Redcrests.

Next, head to the southwest side of the map, and, starting at the teleport waypoint for the Dune of Elusion, head south towards a cliff face where you’ll find some enemies perching nearby - though you should be able to quickly sneak in to the cacti nearby and pick up two Redcrests. Then head around to the west and you’ll find one Redcrest growing on a short cactus, while another Redcrest can be found a little further ahead by some ruins.

Back at the same waypoint - head northwest to find a group of cacti with two Redcrests, then continue west, where to your left, is one Redcrest with enemies nearby, while, to your right, is one Redcrest growing on a lone cactus. Continue on this path southwest until you come across three cacti, with one Redcrest on each. You can continue along this path until you find another Redcrest on the way to the Dune of Magma, or simply teleport to that landmark’s waypoint to reach it quicker. The cactus where the Redcrest is growing is next to a palm tree.

From the Dune of Magma, head northwest across mostly desert until you reach some ruins where there are a few palm trees, as well as cacti, netting you a total of three Redrests.

Next, head to the northern section of the map where the Garden of Endless Pillars domain lies to find cacti and a total of four Redcrests nearby. Complete the puzzle to access the domain to reach these more easily.

From here, head east towards the Dune of Carouses. Enroute, you’ll come across some enemies loitering by some ruins, where there’s also cacti you can collect two Redcrests from. Then passing the Dune of Carouses to the southeast of the temple is a mini oasis with palm trees and as well as some cacti, with two Redcrests up for grabs.

Just southeast from the Dune of Carouses is a Statue of the Seven. From here you can find Redcrests nearby growing from three points.

First, head northwest to pick up one Redcrest. Then return to the statue and this time head north, using the four-lead sigil to speed up your traversal, before dropping back down to lower ground where you’ll find cacti with two Redcrests.

Returning to the statue, this time head east and glide down until you reach some rocks where you can mine some ore and collect two Redcrests.

Southeast of this statue and east of Khemenu Temple is another teleport waypoint where you can also fast-travel to collect two Redcrests growing on a cactus next to it.

We then come to the northeast of the map near Khaj-Nisut and Aaru Village, although the teleport waypoint you should use is the one northeast of the Dune of Carouses.

Head southeast of this waypoint, grappling over a big rock in front of you, and you’ll come across a cactus with one Redcrest - continue straight and further down is another group of cacti with two Redcrests.

Return to the waypoint and this time head east to reach a path on lower ground. Nearest to you is one Redcrest and, if you cross over to the other side, next to the cliff face you’ll pick up two more Redcrests. From here, climb up the rocks, keeping to the left where there’s less of an overhang, and, once you’re up, continue straight until you see some cacti in front of you where you can pick up two Redcrests.

Finally, from the teleport waypoint north of Aaru Village, just head west to find two Redcrests pretty much on a straight path. There’s still one spot of Redcrests to farm, which is located between this waypoint and the previous one, but you might as well get them on this run. For these, just continue southwest, passing some bare cacti and trees, and you’ll eventually come across some tall cacti near two dormant machine enemies, though they will attack if you get too close. Get past them and then climb the cacti to get two Redcrests.

Good luck hunting Redcrests!