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Warzone Vault Keycards: How to open the Nakatomi Vault explained

How to gain access to Nakatomi Plaza's biggest secret.

How to gain access to Nakatomi Plaza's biggest secret - a Vault full of cash and powerful Warzone rewards.

The Nakatomi Vault is the biggest secret in Warzone's recent mid-season Reloaded update.

As part of the new Nakatomi landmark, you can explore multiple floors of the iconic tower from the original Die Hard - and stumble upon some unique themed objectives.

These all allow you to acquire Keycards to open the vault - giving you a tonne of cash and some unique rewards.

Of course, Warzone being Warzone, you can always just take the spoils from other players instead...

Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you're looking for more help, check out our on-going best Warzone weapons page and the Vanguard Royale meta.

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How to open the Nakatomi Vault in Warzone explained

Opening the Vault in Nakatomi Plaza is a straightforward process - in theory. Here are vault opening steps in brief:

  1. Complete one of three side missions in Nakatomi Plaza to acquire a Keycard
  2. Visit Floor 31 of Nakatomi Plaza
  3. Use the Keycard to open the Vault, and again on a deposit box for additional rewards

In practice, it's a lot more difficult than described; the following sections explain our recommendations for how to achieve the above, but know since a lot of other players will be doing the same - especially on the location's debut - you can expect a lot of competition.

How to get Vault Keycards in Warzone

Vault Keycards are sourced one of two ways - by completing one of the three Nakatomi side missions, or by defeating a player who has already acquired a Keycard and looting their body.

Of the three side missions, playing Unfinished Business on Plunder will be the easiest, as provided you start it, you can take as long and as many deaths as you need to find all three crates.

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As it's a Scavenger-style contract, only a limited number are available, so you need to pick it up before anyone else at the start of the match.

The other two, Hostile Fire (defusing C4 on the roof) and Deal Gone Wrong (defeating waves of enemies in the parking lot basement) work slightly differently in that they can be interrupted by other players.

By themselves these challenges aren't too difficult, but having to also deal with other players - who can camp nearby and swoop in at the last minute to take the rewards - means it can be quite frustrating.

On the other hand, know you can do this to other players if you are desperate. Provided you are near the roof or parking lot, you'll know that either side mission is currently active for you to also participate.

Upon completing any of the three side missions, a Vault Keycard will drop. Interestingly, each activity will have a different numbered Keycard associated with it. In short, know that all three can open the Vault - and that the number will correspond to a specific safety deposit box inside for additional rewards.

Where to find the Nakatomi Vault location in Warzone

Once you have a Vault Keycard, it's time to open the Vault.

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The Nakatomi Vault location is on Floor 31, which can be accessed by getting to Floor 30 first - by using the building's central lift shafts or ropes on the outside of the building - then taking one flight of stairs up. (It's easy to go up two by accident - so check the numbers on the wall as you climb!)

From here, go to the east side of the building, where there's a black, circular door, and a computer console to the left. Here's where you can use any of your Vault Keycards.

Doing so will see the Vault door unlock, but there will be an additional snag - a notification which will go out to all nearby players that it has been opened. This will let them know the Vault is now accessible, and you have to survive several seconds while it inches open before you can enter.

At launch, expect people to camp outside the Vault, even if they don't have a Keycard. Again, as with the side missions, you can do the same to others if you like - but let's be honest, it's cheap and far less satisfying that doing the hard work itself. (Not only that, the side missions above don't take that long once you understand them.)

And, know that even if you can't get a Keycard, nor the patience to do the above, once the Vault is open anyone can visit - so if you're simply curious, feel free to take a look, and maybe you can snag some left over cash from whoever opened it.

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Warzone Vault Keycard rewards explained

Once inside the Vault, there will be two rooms full of money to collect - enough to give you a serious cash injection in either Battle Royale or Plunder modes.

As well as this, there are three numbered safety deposit boxes, and require the respective Vault Keycard to open.

Alongside more money in each deposit box, each also carries an additional reward:

Vault Keycard 1 (Unfinished Business) - Specialist Bonus
Vault Keycard 2 (Hostile Fire) - Advanced UAV killstreak
Vault Keycard 3 (Deal Gone Wrong) - Contraband contract for a random weapon blueprint

For those hoping to gain the advantage in a match, the first two are the most tempting, especially as the Specialist Bonus will unlock all class and equipped weapon perks. Meanwhile, the Contraband contract is useful for blueprint collectors - but know there isn't any new weapon Blueprints as part of the event, and will offer one that's previously been released.

Once you have exhausted everything Nakatomi has to offer, be sure to check out other new locations as part of the Reloaded update - including the Survival Camps and CIA Outpost.

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