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Warzone CIA Outpost location explained

Where you can start the search for the Rambo-themed locations.

The CIA Outpost in Warzone is one of several map changes as part of the mid-season Reloaded update.

The CIA Outpost is probably the most lowkey of the three additions to the map, as it's tangentially related to Rambo and the Survival Camp locations - but it's a useful starting point if you are hunting down the latter.

There is also a useful way to help you defend the location once you arrive - and we'll explain this, as well as the CIA Outpost location, on this page.

Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you're looking for more help, check out our on-going best Warzone weapons page and the Vanguard Royale meta.

On this page:

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CIA Outpost location in Warzone

The CIA Outpost is found in the north of the map, within the Military Outpost named location:

Warzone CIA Outpost location map.

Specifically, you want to visit one of the bunkers south of the runway, marked 21 on the outside.

In our experience, there were a few contracts within the bunker - which might be a quick way to spot it at a glance.

Inside, you'll see a bank of computers and other equipment, showing you're in the right location.

If you're like us, you probably expected the CIA Outpost to be positioned at the Airport based on the "aircraft hangers in Verdansk's northwest sector" tease in the run up to the event - but turns out they mean the hanger near the other airstrip in the north of the map.

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What can you do at the CIA Outpost in Warzone?

The CIA Outpost is linked to another point of interest as part of the 80s event - Survival Camps.

At the back of the base is a map. You can interact with this, which will update your own in-game map with a series of green circles.

These are the aforementioned Survival Camps - and is a useful starting point if you want to find these as part of the event.

Our dedicated Survival Camp locations page is probably more useful in the long run to save you going to this location first every match - they will disappear when you start a new one - but it's a useful starting point if you prefer to do everything in-game.

Elsewhere, if you go upstairs, you can call in a bombardment. This covers the surrounding area with ordinance, which is useful if you can see other players approaching your location.

As far as we can tell you can only call this in once per match - unless the cool down is longer than we were visiting the location for - so time this wisely.

Otherwise, as well as the hanger-like doors at the front, there's a passage and a regular door out the back - which is perfect if you need to make a quick getaway, or perform an ambush.

If you're after more help with the mid-season update, see our page on completing each Nakatomi side mission.

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