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Warzone best Automaton loadout: Automaton class setup and how to unlock the Automaton in Warzone and Vanguard

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Build the perfect Warzone Automaton loadout with our class set up recommendation.

The Automaton is an assault rifle that debuted in Call of Duty: Vanguard's release lineup, and it's quite the option if you're looking for a reliable AR in Warzone.

Assault rifles are as popular as ever, positioning themselves amongst Vanguard best weapons from the get-go. This option has a daunting fire rate even without attachments, and it only gets better with the right loadout.

This page will cover how to unlock the Automaton in the quickest way possible, and the best Automaton loadout and Automaton class recommendations to enhance its capabilities even further.

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How to unlock the Automaton in Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard

The task to get your hands on the Automaton is super easy as it doesn't involve any challenges nor a long time of gaining levels.

In order to unlock the Automaton in Warzone and Vanguard, you have to reach Player Level 8, which can be done almost without effort.

For this, we recommend any multiplayer mode, really - from Team Deathmatch playlists to Zombies, it's up to you. It will likely take you less than two hours to get to Player Level 8, so you will breeze through it.

Best Vanguard, Warzone Automaton loadout and attachments

Below are our recommendations for an optimal Automaton loadout, as well as the corresponding levels for each:

  • Muzzle: MX Silencer (Unlocks at level 6)
  • Barrel: Anastasia Sniper (Unlocks at level 50)
  • Optic: Slate Reflector (Unlocks at level 8)
  • Stock: Empress Broadsword (Unlocks at level 4)
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip (Unlocks at level 21)
  • Magazine: 6.5mm Sakura 45 Round Mags (Unlocks at level 13)
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened (Unlocks at level 62)
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip (Unlocks at level 27)
  • Proficiency: Sleight of Hand (Unlocks at level 32)
  • Kit: Fully Loaded (Unlocks at level 42)

Let's begin with the muzzle. You'll want to equip the MX Silencer, which adds +1 accuracy as well as sound suppression. It will grant -1 to ADS speed, but we'll balance this out in the overall build.

As for the barrel, we opted for the Anastasia Sniper, which increases bullet velocity and range as well as accuracy. Hip fire accuracy is hit as a result, but just slightly.

The optic is up for preference - we've found the Slate Reflector to be a well rounded option for this assault rifle, but again, up to you!

In the stock slot, we went for Empress Broadsword. This adds +2 to initial accuracy and recoil, and +1 to both ADS speed and recoil recovery. Hip fire accuracy is hit by -1, alongside a -1 decrease for accuracy and recoil during sustained fire, but it's worth the inclusion.

The Carver Foregrip attachment makes for a great choice in terms of the underbarrel. It adds +2 to recoil control and +1 hip fire accuracy, while only decreasing -1 of ADS speed.

For the magazine, we recommend equipping the6.5mm Sakura 45 Round Mags. This will grant you 45 rounds with -1 penalties to ADS speed, reload quickness and movement speed. It sounds bad, but don't worry, this is all balanced out.

Then, Lengthened makes for a great ammo type as it adds +3 to bullet velocity, complimenting the muzzle.

As for the rear grip, we'll be gaining +1 to ADS speed, sprint to fire speed and hip fire recoil recovery thanks to the Fabric Grip. It comes with the cost of -1 to accuracy, but considering how much focus we've put into said stat in the build, it's balanced out.

When it comes down to proficiency, Sleight of Hand will help you with +1 to reload quickness.

Lastly, we opted for Fully Loaded in the kit category, making you start with maximum reserve ammo.

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Best Vanguard, Warzone Automaton class setup, perks and equipment

Here's our choices for the best items - such as equipment and Perks - to make the best Automaton class setup in Vanguard and Warzone:

  • Perk 1: E.O.D. (Unlocks at level 1)
  • Perk 2: Overkill (Unlocks at level 38)
  • Perk 3: Amped (Unlocks at level 1)
  • Secondary: MP40 (Unlocks by reaching Player Level 16)
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor (Unlocks at level 1)
  • Lethal: Claymore (Unlocks at level 1)

For the BAR, we recommend opting for E.O.D., as it will help to mitigate damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.

We recommend opting for Overkill as the second perk. On this occasion we went for the MP40 as our secondary choice. For anyone who suddenly shows up close to you, switching to this to better focus on close range makes for an great combo. But again, it's opt to you!

For the third perk, we went for Amped over the others to ensure that you're switching between the two weapons as swiftly as possible.

Lastly, the Heartbeat Sensor is a perfect companion to prepare yourself ahead of time or track anyone who dared to escape from your line of sight. In case anyone manages to sneak past your vicinity, however, having a Claymore placed near you should provide for a helping hand when needed.

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