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These gold Monster Hunter amiibo will be among the rarest ever

Shiny check.

Three new Monster Hunter Rise figures are set to become some of the world's rarest amiibo.

Fancy one for yourself? Simply purchase Capcom's upcoming new Monster Hunter game for Nintendo Switch and you could be in with a chance at one of these golden figurines - but only if you buy it via a digital download code from a 7-Eleven store in Japan.

Even then, you'll only be placed into a lottery for the chance at one of these figures. When Capcom ran a promotion like this once before, only 10 amiibo were made available.

This time around, there are three different options. Here they are:

"Monster Hunter Rise feels every bit the generational leap that World was," Martin wrote last week. "[It] takes all the lessons learned from World and then throws in so much more besides."

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Nearly 200 amiibo have now been released (not including amiibo cards) and among them are plenty which are now very hard to find.

Monster Hunter Stories' Navirou and BoxBoy's Qbby were both Japan-exclusives, while others such as Mega Yarn Yoshi were part of retailer-exclusive deals.

A similar contest to these new golden Monster Hunter amiibo was held for a golden Mega Man 11 figurine, of which just 10 were made available via a contest for fans.

The rarest amiibo of them all, though, are surely the Monster Hunter Stories Riders amiibo released in both silver and gold. Just one each of these amiibo are known to exist, and they were both given away by Capcom as prizes in a 2017 tournament. Here's a look at those, which you will never own:

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