Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories sets September release date in Europe

Monster Hunter Stories sets September release date in Europe

RPG spin-off makes its English-language debut.

Monster Hunter Stories, the turn-based RPG spin-off of Capcom's popular action series, will make its western debut in Europe on 8th September.

A North American release is expected to follow later this year.

As the title suggests, Monster Hunter Stories is like Monster Hunter, but with a story. And turn-based combat. And cel-shaded graphics. In other words, it's not like Monster Hunter at all.

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When turn-based RPG spin-off Monster Hunter Stories' Japanese release date was announced earlier this year Capcom revealed that it would release three Amiibo alongside the game's 8th October homeland launch. Now it's revealed an additional wave of three Amiibo coming on 8th December.

Monster Hunter Stories gets Japan release date, new Amiibos

Monster Hunter Stories, the RPG spin-off for Capcom's phenomenally successful series, has got a release date in Japan - and a new range of Amiibos set to accompany the 3DS game.

Monster Hunter Stories will be launching on October 8th in Japan, with three new Amiibos arriving alongside it. There's a Rathalos available in two flavours, and 'Nabiru', a chubby little Palico. (Thanks for the spot, My Nintendo News).

We're yet to get confirmation that Stories will release in the west - though it's not long now until we get Monster Hunter Generations, which is due out in the UK on July 15th.

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