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The Last of Us PS5 remake has leaked, will cost $70

UPDATE: New videos compare PS5 and PS4 versions of the game.

UPDATE 10/06/22: Following last night's (official) reveal of The Last of Us Part 1 for PlayStation 5, Sony has shared a few videos showing off the difference between the Remastered version of the game and the upcoming remake.

First up, we have Joel.

Joel The Last of Us Part 1, Remastered compared to Remake.

Next, it's Ellie's turn in the spotlight.

Ellie The Last of Us Part 1, Remastered compared to Remake.
Finally, here is a wider comparison shot.
The Last of Us Part 1, Remastered compared to Remake.

The original story continues below.

ORIGINAL STORY 09/06/22: Ahead of tonight's Summer Game Fest, Sony's The Last of Us Part 1 remake - one of the worst kept secrets in the industry today - has leaked. So yes, it is real. And not only is it really real, but it will also be releasing as soon as 2nd September for the PlayStation 5 at a retail price of $70.

To accompany this news, we got our first look at the remake in action thanks to a brand-new trailer. Check it out below.

The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5.

As you can see, the Ellie and Joel that we first met all the way back in 2013 now have a much sleeker look, but it is most certainly still them. There is fighting, there is compassion, and there are enough clickers to give one spores for thought throughout this reveal. Rather nicely, the game's DLC - Left Behind - will also be included in this remake.

Towards the end of the trailer, we also get told that the remake is going to be making its way to PC at some point, although no time frame was given.

So, what can we conclude from all this? Well, when Sony revealed it planned to see its PC and mobile games making up almost half of PlayStation's overall game releases by 2025, and that it hoped to make a tidy $300m on PC games alone this fiscal year (which ends March 2023), it clearly wasn't playing around.

Along with The Last of Us, Sony fans can also expect to see Marvel's Spider-Man making his webby way onto PC this August.

This will be followed closely by his partner-in-not-crime Miles Morales in the autumn.

As for the world of The Last of Us, HBO's TV adaptation is slated to release next year, with Pedro Pascal starring as Joel and Bella Ramsay taking on the role of Ellie.

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