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Starfield players can get a sizeable XP boost from sex

Package deal.

Andreja Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda

Having sex in Starfield will give you an XP boost.

For those looking to increase their XP, it looks like it would be worth setting yourself up for a romantic experience.

As highlighted on the Starfield reddit (via VG247), players will get a 15 percent XP boost when they sleep with a companion. This little buff is called "Emotional Security", and lasts for 24 minutes. It is similar but better than the 10 percent well-rested condition, which you can get by sleeping without a companion by your side.

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However, you can't have one night stands in Starfield. Therefore, to benefit from this XP boost, you need to steadily work your way through one of the game's romance options.

You can romance Andreja, Barrett, Sarah and Sam Coe in Starfield, and eventually you will be given the chance to commit to them. Then, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in your bed with your loved one by your side.

Open relationships are not on the table, however. Once you have committed to a partner you won't be able to romance anyone else - unless you choose to end your commitment, should you decide you have made a mistake.

PSA: 15% XP boost when you sleep with a companion
by u/VAASisJASON in Starfield

Starfield finally touches down on PC and Xbox Series X/S (including via Xbox Game Pass) today. Of course, many have already been blasting their way through the galaxy thanks to the fancier edition of the game that allowed players to get early access.

This has meant we have already been treated to some impressive in-game character and ship creations - I wonder if Tony Soprano is currently buzzing through Starfield's skies in an Imperial Star Destroyer?

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