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Star Wars Battlefront's offline Skirmish mode out next week

And a Chewbacca tease!

Six months later an offline Skirmish mode is coming to Star Wars Battlefront on consoles. It will be available starting 20th July, said EA on the Star Wars Battlefront website. That's next Wednesday!

Offline Skirmish mode is cited as "for all players" to play alone or with a friend in split-screen against bots. However, the post then talks about "console only" Skirmish as offering Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes - across various locations - but doesn't mention anything specifically about PC. I'm trying to clarify this. Perhaps it just means, as pointed out in the comments of this article, that it's split-screen limited to console.

Star Wars Battlefront will also update with free Hutt Contacts and in-game events - including a free trial for paid downloadable addition Bespin.

The next paid DLC to arrive will be Death Star - ooh ooh! - in September, which adds ground and space maps, new weapons, Star Cards and two new heroes, "including one larger-than-life character we know you've been patiently waiting for". It must be Chewbacca, right? UPDATE: It is Chewbacca! EA has revealed the new Death Star Battlefront DLC hero and villain as Chewbacca and Bossk respectively.

But who will be Chewie's opposite? We've had Greedo and Dengar on the baddie side so far. Bounty hunter Bossk, old lizard face, or exhaust pipe head IG-88? You can see both bounty hunters in the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back clip below.

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Star Wars Battlefront expanded recently with the Bespin update, which in our review we said made some big steps but didn't dazzle. Previous paid DLC the Outer Rim was weaker still, said our review.

There have been and will continue to be free updates, by the way, and they're pushing the game forwards in good ways.

Incidentally we already know there will be a Star Wars Battlefront sequel released next year, and that it will include content, such as heroes and villains, from the new Star Wars films.

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