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Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star DLC introduces Chewbacca and Bossk

While big space skirmishes are on the menu.

EA has confirmed the two new heroes that will be coming as part of the Death Star DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront, with Chewbacca and bounty hunter Bossk joining the roster for DICE's multiplayer shooter.

There'll also be an emphasis on big space skirmishes introduced by the map pack, the third of the post-release launch for the game, and most excitingly it looks like the iconic trench run from the climax of A New Hope will play a part. TIE Bombers are also new to the mix, and the big space battles will be complemented by close quarters combat in the corridors of the Death Star itself.

After the release of the Death Star pack, due September there's one more pack, which EA's still being coy about. What's the betting it'll be tying in with this year's Rogue One, set in the same timeline that Star Wars Battlefront finds itself in?

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