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Silicon Knights cuts 26 jobs temporarily

Hopes to reinstate them on new games.

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Too Human developer Silicon Knights has temporarily laid off 26 employees while work on "several new and exciting games" gets under way.

This, assured a statement from developer (read by Joystiq), is usual practice after a big game such as Too Human is released. Apparently most losing their jobs were people hired in the immediate run-up to launch, when the headcount swelled to an impressive 180 people.

"Silicon Knights is currently working on several new and exciting games that will be announced to the public in the coming months," said Denis Dyack, owner of the largest office and best whiskey at Silicon Knights, probably.

"In addition to those projects, Silicon Knights continues to develop and promote other new and original ideas, which will become the innovative games of tomorrow.

"These 26 individuals are hard-working and valued team members that we hope to bring back as we ramp up on our future projects," he added.

One of those projects will be the psychological action thriller for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 that was granted half-a-million Canadian dollars of funding earlier this year.

Another should be the remaining instalments in the Too Human trilogy, the first part of which was released at the end of August to middling scores.

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