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SF IV anime film to tie in with launch

By the team behind the Aftermath vid.

Capcom is so pleased with the Street Fighter IV anime clips produced to plug the story gaps between games II and IV that it's asked Studio 4C to produce an hour-long film.

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend (thanks GameSpot), producer Yoshinori Ono said that the 50-60 minute piece would be released to tie in with the console versions of the beat-'em-up.

Studio 4C, for students of such things, is a 22 year-old Japanese animation house which, along with various proper anime series, has worked on the likes of Rogue Galaxy with Level-5, and contributed to The Animatrix. It was founded in the '80s by Koji Morimoto and colleagues, and Morimoto is supervisor on the SF IV project.

Street Fighter IV - due out next year on PS3 and 360, with a PC version also in development - is closely linked to Street Fighter II in design and story. It's currently out in the arcades, but Capcom will update certain elements considerably, and add new characters, like Sakura, for the ports.

Back at Capcom's Gamers Day event, Captivate, earlier this year, Ono also said that the game would include anime story sequences as character prologues and end sequences, which you can check out in our screenshot gallery.

Oh, and we'll get in trouble if we don't point out that Street Fighter IV will be playable at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo.