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SF IV to feature anime storytelling

Demonstration shown at Captivate.

Capcom has revealed that the home versions of Street Fighter IV will include anime story sequences as character prologues and end sequences. See how it will look in our anime sequence gallery.

Producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that the publisher is working with "a certain someone who knows anime inside out", but wouldn't reveal any more details on that.

However, he did show a demonstration video, which lasts for a couple of minutes and showed Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Gouken at various stages.

It begins as Ryu recovers from an Akuma assault, while his fiery nemesis taunts him, and cuts in and out of flashbacks to periods of Ryu's training.

After Ryu and Akuma go head to head, Ken appears and pokes fun at Ryu, demanding to join in defeating Akuma.

After this, a short sequence in the mountains gives us a glimpse of Gouken. "We're not ready to talk about him yet," Ono added, tantalisingly.

Check out our Street Fighter IV hands-on preview for more on the game's progress and additional comments from Ono.

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