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Ninety-Nine Nights dated

Out in April.

One of Microsoft's highest-profile Japanese investments - Xbox 360 hackandslash Ninety-Nine Nights - will be released in Japan on April 20th, the platform holder said this week.

Ninety-Nine Nights, usually shortened to N3, has been developed by Korean outfit Phantagram with the direction and support of Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment.

Mizuguchi's past credits include the likes of Sega Rally, Space Channel 5, Rez and, more recently, Lumines on the PSP.

Ninety-Nine Nights was playable on 360 at the Tokyo Game Show last September, where we weren't all that impressed by it, but Mizuguchi's never upset us that much before so we're still really keen to get our hands on his latest.

Which is obviously something we'll look to do shortly after its Japanese release. We'll keep you posted about American and European dates.