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Ninety-Nine Nights demo

On Live now.

A demo of Ninety-Nine Nights has popped up on Xbox Live Marketplace, according to Xbox Live's Larry Hryb.

The game's due for release in the US and Europe later this year and is already available in Japan.

There's no word on what the demo includes or how big it is (and it's far too sunny to close the windows, turn on the box and find out, you know), but, you know, you can always whack it on to download while you do something else if it's huge.

Ninety-Nine Nights, produced by Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi, is a vast hackandslash with an impressive combo system, supposedly hamstrung by a few basic technical problems - like cut-scenes interrupting vast combos.

We haven't reviewed it yet, mind - and are still sort of looking forward to getting our hands on it.

There's still no word on an official European date (although retail points to September 1st), but the game's due out in the States this August.