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Japanese N3 bonuses

Demo disks and magic chains.

Microsoft's still trying to win over the Japanese, who are currently thought to be negotiating a deal saying they'll all buy Xbox 360s if Peter Moore stops talking.

From March 1st in Japan, anybody who buys or pre-orders anything to do with Xbox 360 will get a free Ninety Nine Nights demo disk, giving them a chance to sample the Tetsuya Mizuguchi-produced slasher in development at Phantagram and Q Entertainment.

Ninety Nine Nights itself is due out in Japan on April 20th, having been delayed a bit to make way for some last minute tuning. The first shipment of the game will also come with a Japan-only bonus: a "Motion View Card" acrylic key chain that somehow (possibly magically) houses a 20-frame video clip of the game's main character.

We've no idea if Microsoft plans similar excitement over here or in the USA, but we do know that we shouldn't expect to see Ninety Nine Nights on European shop shelves for a little while yet. When asked when the game's due out, a chirpy Microsoft spokesperson responded: "As Will Smith once sung, 'Summer time'!"